City of Longwood Adds a BMX-Skateboard Pump Track at Candyland Park


[UPDATE: This new Pump Track is closed till March 31, 2020, due the new sod that needs to grow. Information reported by the Orlando Sentinel.]

Information compiled and written by Nathan Wertheimer

There was a grand opening today for a newly constructed BMX-Skateboard Pump Track at Candyland Park. The local media was invited to check this place out. Even Mayor Matt Morgan was the first to test out this new test. Plus, the BMX pros were testing the track too. The city used a 100k grant to build this track.

What is a BMX-Skateboard Pump Track? A pump track is designed for all things on wheels. From mountain bikes to bmx’s and skateboards, a pump track is a playground for all wheels. By combining rolling jumps with turns they are accessible for all. Teaching the basic skills of carrying momentum, balance and speed by using your arms and legs to pump your bike/board/scooter around the track. As you get better the tracks are designed to provide more challenges for you with no changes to the construction. A feature that a 5-year-old can roll through can be used as a gap jump for a professional. Information from

The track is paved with gravel with different levels of hills, curves, and dips. Kids and adults can play on this track during daytime hours. Expect the weekends and late afternoons to be the busiest. The Longwood Leisure Services will be keeping up the maintenance on this new track.

If you build it they will come. This new BMX-Skateboard Track is the only one in Central Florida. Channel 9 reported even claimed that this track might even attract national attention. Expect there to be many crowds to have some fun at this park.

It is a short drive from Downtown Orlando to Candyland Park in Longwood. Check your GPS for the best route there. There is plenty of free parking at this park. The park is located at 599 Longdale Avenue, Longwood, Florida 32750.

Besides this next amenity at the park they have baseball / softball fields, basketball court, pavilion, picnic areas. playground, and tennis court. Plus, this park is ADA accessible. For more information please visit

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