Product Review – Black Digital MP4 Player ZY


Written by Robert Voss
Independent Reviewer

Just recently, I was in the market looking for a cheap MP3-MP4 player. I checked out eBay and purchased a new black Digital MP4 Player ZY for around $13.00. If you own an Apple Macintosh computer then you’ll want to read this article.

Here is the specs on this MP4 player device which has a 1.8 inch LCD screen, 3 hour charging time, 40 hours of play time, accepts 64GB TF Card, come with a mini USB cable, built-in microphone, white ear buds with 3.5mm headphone connection, product manual, and a clear plastic case. The UPC number is 690770083923.

When it arrived I was very happy to receive in the mail. Next, I took it out of the packaging. Then turned on the on switch on the topside of the device and pushed the middle round button. Next, the screen lights up with “Welcome.” There is a menu list that appeared with Music, Movie, Record, Voice, FM Radio, Photo, Setup, and E-Book.

Next, I connected this device to my Apple Macintosh computer and the device icon never showed up on the desktop. I thought that was strange. Then I went to Disk Utilities to see if this device came up there. It did not. This had me worried. However, the device says it is connected to my computer. I just can’t see it on my desktop. What now?

The next stage to get this device to work was using a 64GB TF Card. First, I loaded some MP3 music files on the TF Card. Then I inserted the TF Card into the device. Then comes up on screen “No file in SD.” This is very odd. The TF Card should be formatted before uploading files to a TF Card. When the TF Card is formatted on a PC or Android device the TF Card will come up on a Mac desktop as a storage device icon with “No Name.”

To further trouble shoot this problem; I conducted a search on the Internet. I found some old product reviews. Plus, there are other MP3 player devices that look similar to this product. They are Tomameri and GG Martinsen MP3. These devices may not have all the features list above.

What I learned about this product is always ask questions to the store or seller about the compatibility of any electronic device before buying it. No one wants to throw away any money. Do you homework before buying one of these devices. If you have a PC then this MP4 player device will work for you.

Finally, after buying this device, next time I will buy an Apple compatible product. I won’t make this mistake twice. I don’t believe it is the seller’s fault because they did not fully know about this product. I ended up donating this product to Goodwill Industries because I was unable to use it.

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  1. You forgot to mention that the “earphones” totally suck. Sounds like a telephone on Ellis Island.

    I just got it, and first thing I did was check out the sound with the radio option. Bass, my foot.

    I inserted a new 64gb disk and I expected the response to be “no file on so card,” but I did expect an option to format that sd card on the “player.”

    Anyway, I’ll be connecting the “player,” with sd card to my laptop later tonight. Will make another comment if the thing doesn’t work.

    I paid, with tax, $18 for the thing; I later found a seller selling the thing for half of what I paid. O well.

    If the thing doesn’t work (I got radio on my android) I’ll be sending the thing back.

    Bought thru 3rd party via Walmart.


    • I got the same problem as El Flesh. Did you get it to work on a PC? or do you think that maybe “Do you homework before buying one of these devices” should maybe not include “If you have a PC then this MP4 player device will work for you.”?


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