Off Topic – Review of


Written by Mike Jones

On Valentines Day, I was looking for love. While browsing the Internet I found My Local Crush web advertisement that caught my eye. So I decided to give it a try. Next I registered for this dating website. Once I completed the registration I filled out a brief profile under my username. I never posted a photo of myself for many reasons.

Once you are registered this website, one will notice the influx of emails from other users. I will estimate in one day I received over thirty plus emails that I read. Then I started getting tired of the same old thing. None of the email was written personally to me. They seemed like a boilerplate-copied emails. However, I thought most of the emails were entertaining too.

One member even send me I’ll marry you flirt. I thought she must be in a rush to get married and have a family. Then I reviewed her profile and thought she was very young in her 20’s. It believed she from running away from her problem to find a better place along with a guy too.

Another thing I noticed were photos on the profiles. Most of them even were tight shoots of their face, some even nude photos, and selfie photos. Most profiles had only two photos. Other former members thought some of these photos are not creditable. How can users know if these photos are real? One must do their own research to verify if these photos.

By the end of the night, I decided not to continue my subscription based on a number of reasons. My personal email was getting a lot of emails sent by, which filled up my in box. Before registering for any website please do your homework so you don’t waste your time and money. For more information this site please visit .






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