Off Topic – 2020 US Census Experience


Written by Robert Voss

The other day, I relieved my US Census 2020 in the mailbox. Next, I opened the envelope and found two official documents from the Census Bureau. The first is a letter to the resident or household, which explains in English on how to fill out the US Census 2020 questionnaire along with a Census ID#. The second document is written in other languages. If you need assistance then please call 1-844-330-2020.

The US Census process happens every tens years. Everyone must be counted who lives in the United States. The law requires your response and all information are kept private.

I did not wait long to fill it out the online questionnaire. It is recommended not to wait till the last minute. There is a deadline on this questionnaire. I had a deadline of April 1, 2020. All information must be filled out at .

The first homepage of the will welcome you and give you directions on how to get started. Shape your future start here. There is a blue button marked “Start Questionnaire.” The next page will appear and ask for a Log In 12-digit Census ID. Check the document you received in the mail with a combination of letters and a number ID. Without this ID you will not be able to complete this questionnaire.

Address Verification Questionnaire Section

  1. Then you will have to verify your address. For example it will say 123 Main Street, Orlando, Florida 32801. Then answer yes or no.
  2. On April 1, 2020, will you be living or staying at 123 Main Street? Then answer yes or no
  3. What is your name and telephone number? Then fill out all the information.

Household Questions Section

  1. Including yourself, how may people will be living or staying at 123 Main Street on April 1, 2020? Fill in the Number? Example 1 or more
  2. We do not want to miss any people who might be staying at 123 Main Street. The names listed so far are: you name, etc. Will there be any additional people that you did not already list? Answer yes or no.
  3. On April 1, 2020, will the house, apartment, or mobile home at 123 Main Street be… (Then select the best answer that fits your situation).

People Questions Section

  1. What is John Doe’s sex? Male or Female. Pick only one.
  2. What is John Doe’s date of birth? Fill out all information
  3. Additional questions maybe asked about the other who live at your residence

Final Questions
You are almost finished and are now ready to send your responses. Once your questionnaire is submitted, you will not be able to access your information or change any of your responses. After you submit your responses ands are shown the confirmation page, you may close the web browser. You must select SUBMIT to complete your questionnaire. Would you like to send your response now? It is recommended to check your questionnaire before clicking on the SUBMT button.

Once you hit the SUBMIT button, you will be directed to the CONFIRMATION page. There is will say “Thank you for completing the 2020 Census questionnaire for:
123 Main Street, Orlando, FL 32801” and list the date completed along with a long confirmation number. It is recommended to print that page as a record that you have completed it. Then close out the web browser.

Overall, I took me about ten minutes to go through the entire questionnaire. I encountered no problems what so ever. It was easier this time than last time with the paper version. Most people will be filling this questionnaire out online. There are very few people who are on not able to get onto a computer may request a paper version instead by calling the Census Bureau.

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