Off Topic – Tribute to the Life and Memory of Neville Barry Levin


Written by Nathan Wertheimer

I am writing this article to extend my heart felt loss of Neville Barry Levin to the Central Florida community. He died in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on March 5, 2020 in the evening. Levin was 69 years old. He had been battling an illness for about a year. His mother Betty, and sister Jennifer survive Levin.

His life started out in South Africa. After graduating high school, he worked in retail sales at the local mall in South African. Later joining the South African Army as an enlisted soldier. He rose to the rank of Sergeant. Levin did not talk much about his military service going throughout his life.

If you had ever met Levin in person, many people thought Levin had a British accent and was from England, which was far from the truth. Levin would always greet everyone by saying “a vary good (morning, afternoon, or evening).” This is something he was brought up to do as a child.

img_1327967954_2012Above photo of Levin courtesy by Walt Disney World at Snowbird Extravaganza – Florida

In school, he learned how to write in calligraphy. He believed that everyone should have nice handwriting that everyone should be able to read. Levin was not the type of person to have messy handwriting. When I was about 9 years old, Levin gave me a calligraphy pen and book set for my birthday and encouraged me to learn this craft. Later, a family friend asked him to write in calligraphy their wedding vows on special paper. Today, these wedding vows are framed for all to see at their house.

At some point in his life, he found a local lady to marry in South Africa. He was only married for a brief time then divorced. They never had any kids. He was always single and dated occasionally.

In his 20’s he flow to Orlando, Florida, to stay with the Wertheimer Family. He enjoyed Central Florida so much he stayed for about 10 years. While staying at the Wertheimer residence, he encountered a snake in the living room. Judy Wertheimer was standing on the couch in cowboy boots and yelling about a snake in the living room. Next, Levin searched inside and outside the house to see if he could find this snake. He could not find it and this snake reappeared a few days later inside the house. This is one story that Levin talked about the most.

Many friends and family members rallied around him. His first job in Central Florida was working as an agent at a local Insurance company in Altamonte Springs, Florida. Levin worked in the insurance industry most of his life.

When Levin was not working he enjoyed watching Jeopardy TV Game Show and professional tennis. When he had the time he loved playing tennis at his apartment complex and at the former Sable Point Country Club. The tennis racket he played with was a Wilson Sting Standard Graphite short face. Later, he gave me his personal tennis racket to encourage me to learn to play tennis. In high school, I used this tennis racket on the intramural tennis team. Wow, this tennis rack was very good. I was honor to have Levin’s tennis racket.

Another thing about Levin’s life was that he enjoyed taking photos of his travels along with family and friends. His favorite camera he liked to use was an old Minolta X-370 film camera until digital cameras came out. I would say Levin was a gadget man. He loved electronics.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAAbove a portrait of Levin taken around 2007. Photo taken by Nathan Wertheimer.

While living in the United States, he was unable to get his green card to stay in America so he left and headed north to the Canadian boarder. He worked for 19 years as a Director of Sales for Medipec International, which produces the Snowbird Extravaganza in Florida, Texas, Arizona, and other places too. The Florida Snowbird Extravaganza takes place once a year at the RP Funding Center in Lakeland, Florida. This was one show he enjoyed to work at because it brought him home to see some family and friends.

Finally, my thought’s of Levin as a big brother than a cousin. He showed me what life has to offer. Levin will be missed. At this time, his family has asked for privacy while trying to plan for a funeral and a possible memorial service. No date has been set yet. There is limited information on Levin’s life out on the Internet.

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