Off Topic – Self-Quarantine Fun Activities


Written by Robert Voss

This article was written for those who are in self-imposed quarantine at home. No one wants to feel like a prisoner in his or her own home. Here are just some fun activities to social distance your self from the outside world.

Let’s first start with your Federal taxes. Have you finished filing your taxes? If no, you have some options. Now tax-filing day has been extended until July 15, 2020. Do you have a computer at home? Then check out the various tax software applications. Check the reviews before using any tax software. If you are getting money back you’ll want to file sooner rather than later.

If you are feeling up to it, time for Spring-cleaning. Clean out your garage, closets, bedroom, etc. Remember if you have used the item for a while than you probably don’t need it. For thing you don’t need anymore put it in a box and donate the item to a local charity. Some donations can be written off on next year taxes.

Need artwork for your home? You got the time, why not create something fun for your home. Most people have paints, magic markers, colored-pencils. Get inspired from the Internet and search for the art style your looking for.

Reading Day. How about catching up on reading. Sure everyone has some great books at home. Some public libraries are closed. However, some libraries are open behind the scenes for home deliveries and for books mailed directly to your home. Which book will you want to read today?

Learn a new hobby such as RV car racing, model train railroad, etc. These hobbies will cost some money in the first phase of having fun. Then comes additional accessories you’ll want to add. These are life long hobbies.

Thinking of a new career? Start your research on the Internet. Pick a career field that you will have fun and succeed. Many fields are looking for people looking for a new career. Some industries are now having layoff and furloughs.

If you have the energy, exercise in your own home. Some may have exercise equipment. If not, then improvise. Most public gyms are now closed by order of the Governor of State of Florida. Running and walking outside is not recommended.

Home Spa Day. Why not? Many people have spa bathtub at their home. Use them wisely. If you don’t have one then get a foot tub and fill it with hot water to soak your feet. Some people may add salt to the tub too.

Dress Up Day. This is a great way to have fun with your kids. Create a theme for the dress up day. Take photos and video of it. Everyone should have a great time. Post your photos and video on social media.

Game Night. Pick your favorite board game and have the entire family join in. This is a great way to bond and have some fun. Many people like to play Risk, LIFE, Monopoly, Battleship, Chutes and Ladders, and much more. Which one will you play with?

Puzzle Day. Puzzles are inexpensive to buy. They can be found at your local retail store. Depending on the complexity of the puzzle, it could take 1 hour to the entire day to complete. When putting any puzzle together, it is recommended to work on it on a flat surface at either a dinning room table or on a game table. The puzzle should not be disturbed for other activities. Then you’ll be able to go back to it at another time. Once completed, it is recommended to glue all the pieces together, frame it, hang it on the wall.

Learn a new language. These are many free language resources online. However, there are some websites that offer to teach you a language for a cost. Before starting any new language review the content before starting. The top languages people want to learn are English and Spanish. Being bilingual will help you communicate better in society today. Plus, it looks good on your resume.

Music Day. Do you know how to play a music instrument? Now you have the time to practice and be a rock star. If you know how to play and you are good then produce a video and post it on social media for all to see. After all, you maybe the next super star.

Start a daily journal. This is a great your to write your true feelings about your day. Years from now you’ll look back and read your journal entries. You may be surprised. Your journal can be handwritten or typed up on a computer. This is a great skill to learn as a new journalist.

Movie Night. Do you have nothing to do at night? Then buy or re-watch your favorite DVD or Netflicks movies. Which movie will you watch? It is recommended to stay away from disaster films. You want a film to be funny and entertaining. Your mind should relax and not think about this current moment in time.

Home improvement projects. This is the time to start your home improvement project. Considering remodeling your kitchen, bathroom, or other rooms. Have a plan before you start. Don’t forget to estimate costs and know what your doing. If it is complex you may have to hire a general contractor to work on this home improvement project. Don’t go over your head and try to tackle a project you have no clue how to finish it.

Plan your next vacation. You might want to hold off on traveling until a few months after this worldwide epidemic is over. Let transportation and hotels get back in operation before finalizing plans. Where do you want to take your next vacation?

Home Talent Show Day. Come up with a special talent you can do. It can be anything. Practice before filming your talent. Next, post your talent on film on social media. You might be the next super star.

Finally, these are just some suggestion for fun activities at home. If there is one activity not listed here then make up your own. The key is to social distance from the world. Stay healthy and at home. We are all in this together.

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