Off Topic – Consumer Buying Habits at Grocery Stores During COVID-19


Written by Nathan Wertheimer

These are stuff times in the United States and around the world. It seems like some people are panic shopping at this time. There is no need to panic shop. Only buy what you need and consume. Many grocers are re-stocking their shelves on a daily basis. Plus, they are hiring for more help to stock the store shelves too. Many stores have changed their stores hours during this national emergency. Check with the store before going.

When I visited many local stores in my area, here is what I found. Toilet paper and paper towels were limited or had empty shelves. Many stores are now limiting consumers to one per customer per day. No one should be hoarding any paper products. For consumer toilet paper consumption please visit

Liquor is flying off the shelves. The State of Florida has closed many bars so people are making a run for their favorite beers and some wines. Many consumers are not buying the Corona brand liquor because of the name. This is not a surprise. The cheaper prices on liquor will be at your big box grocery stores instead of the independent liquor stores.

The bread aisle has a limited number of breads, rolls, bagels, pita bread, and tortilla shells. People are not thinking about the price but what they can find on the shelves. If you can’t find anything then check the Bakery Department at your local grocery store. Many of these bread products can be frozen for future use too.

Another product flying off the shelves are canned goods from soups, vegetables, fruits, and meats. There are limited flavors of some canned goods. Can goods tend to have a long lasting shelve life. If your family doesn’t use canned goods then save them for this coming hurricane season.

Instant box foods are easy to make. This is one reason they are hard to come by. Families like to eat macaroni and cheese, instant mash potatoes, instant gelatin, and much more. Both national and generic brands are hard to find.

Some other hot items are clean supplies. If you see them, then buy them. The hot items are hand sanitizers, cleaning wipes, bleach, soaps, etc. It is not recommended to make your own hand sanitizers because you may not get the same quality as consumer produced product.

The question that many people are asking; when to shop at any grocery store? The best time to shop is when the store opens. Also, when a store has a shipment and the stock crew is stocking the shelves right away. Check with your local store for truck deliveries day and times.

Also, if you know a neighbor or elderly person who needs assistance in getting their groceries then please help them out. Many of them will appreciate your help. The elderly population is susceptible of getting the Coronavirus.

Finally, once the Coronavirus cases goes down, our lives will go back to normal and the store shelves will be fully stocked again. The supply chain are not broken, so don’t worry. Please be patient while all of us continue to get through this. Always practice social distancing at any retail store you visit.

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