Cheap Eats – New Papajohns Papadias Sandwich


Written by Nathan Wertheimer
Independent Food Reviewer

Have you seen the new Papajohns Papadias commercial on TV? If so, continue reading this article. Ever since Papajohns introduced this new product to their menu, I have always wanted to try it. Move over regular sandwiches, there is a new sandwich in town!

What is a Papadias? Basically, it is a Mexican cheese quesadillas turned into a pizza sandwich. In the TV commercial they say, “The cheese is holding the whole operation.” Along with each order, there are four dipping flavors to choose from which are Italian, Philly Cheesesteak, Meatball Pepperoni, and BBQ Chicken Bacon. Try all four dipping flavors today.

Recently, I placed my order over the phone at my local Papajohns Pizza location in Central Florida for one the BBQ Chicken Bacon Papadias just for $6 plus tax. A friendly Papajohns staff member explained what was in the new BBQ Papadias.

The BBQ Chicken Bacon has a thin pizza crust, grilled BBQ Chicken and bacon, onions, cheese, and topped off with BBQ sauce. Plus, choose from eight different dipping sauces, which come with each order. They are cheese, blue cheese, pizza dipping sauce, buffalo, BBQ, honey mustard, special garlic, and ranch. Which one will you try?

How is a Papadias made? It is believed that it is made similar to a regular pizza topped with all of the ingredients and placed into the oven. Once the Papadias comes out of the oven, then the Papadias is folded into a sandwich to finishes it off. Next it is cut into two pieces and then placed into a rectangular box with your choice of dipping sauce. It takes a total of 15 minutes to make one Papadias.

When I drove to Papajohns, my order was ready to go when I walked in the store. Next, I paid for my order and headed to the office. One could smell the freshness in the car. At one point, I thought about pulling over to side of the road to take a quick bite out of my Papadias. Yet, I decided to wait till I arrived at the office.

Finally, I could not wait to bite into my BBQ Chicken Bacon Papadias. Upon eating it, one could taste all of the ingredients. The crust was well baked and the cheese was melted. It is recommended to ask for lite BBQ sauce on your Papadias. Most restaurants tend swim the sauce on a sandwich. Yes, I would order this Papadias again. Consumers can either place their order online or over phone. For more information on the new Papadias please visit

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