2020 eNASCAR iRacing Pro Invitational Series at Bristol Speedway Experience


Written by Nathan Wertheimer

When I turned on the television set, I found Fox Sports Network showing the 2020 eNASCAR iRacing Pro Invitational Series at Bristol Motor Speedway. The switch from real NASCAR racing to NASCAR iRacing Series will keep you entertained. Will the fans watch? There are several heat races to watch.

What is The NASCAR iRacing Series (NIS)? It is an online racing series that mirrors the NASCAR Cup Series. The iRacing schedules follows the real world NASCAR schedule so each week you will be racing at the same track, in the same cars, as the top level NASCAR drivers – all form the comfort of your home! Because of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) it has forced all teams to stay home. However, many real life NASCAR drivers are taking to the electronic version video racing game. Mike Joy said, “We’re here to have some fun on Sunday.”

The invited drivers for this race are participating at their own homes or team offices. Many drivers who are dressed in t-shirts and polo shirts with team sponsor logos on them. The drivers are not required to wear a race suit, helmet, and gloves. No one will actually be hurt or injured during any races.

Before the main event race starts, it has the same race formalities. With an invocation, the singing of the national anthem, and the announcement of drivers’ to turn your engines, and showing the starting grid lineup. Some drivers are doing some race commentary and interviews during the race. Plus, there are no real fans in the stands at this race.

These drivers are eager to race. Each race starts with a pace truck along with the rest of the racecars following. Then the green flag waved to start the race. There are thirty-two cars racing at the same time. Tires are free and get as many tires as you need. Drivers are not worried about the tire situation. Another key factor is fuel. I do believe fuel is limited for each race.

The Bristol Speedway Food City 500 is pretty realistic compared to the real thing. It shows a sell-out virtual crowd at Bristol track. The track shows black marks from the cars. While watching the race, they have the same camera angles as the real one. This track does not seem smooth because there are many bumps.

The realistic graphics makes the viewer will think that they are at a real racetrack. I just love the inside driver’s view to feel the same experience. One can even hear the roar of the car engines. It sounds realistic. See sparks fly from the rear end of the vehicle.

Viewers will see vehicle crashes, spins, tailgating, clipping, flips, smoke, and much more. The Sunday televised event consists of tow 50 laps races and the main event with 150 laps. For a complete list of the race results please visit www.foxsports.com/nascar

Overall, I love the fast pace iRacing on television. Maybe in the off-season, they will have a few of these races. I realize that both the drivers and pit crews want to get back to what they do the best. The Coronavirus still has everyone sidelined.

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