DIY – Tips for Shaving Your Head Bald for Men


Written by Nathan Wertheimer

Looking a barbershop in Central Florida and finding any stores open during the Coronavirus (COVID-19). I have you covered. Think about shaving your head off? Before you start the process of shaving your head off there are a few things you should know. Once you shave it, it will be gone for a while until it grows back. No having second thoughts on it. Having a baldhead is beautiful! Just words of caution to the general public shave your head at your own risk.

One will need to go to the store to buy these items. First you’ll need a good 3-5 razors blade razor with handle. Do not buy any cheap men’s razors. You’ll be sorry. These razors are not good to shave your head. Plus, you might cut and bleed from these cheap razors too. I prefer to use the Gillette Razors Mach 3 and or the Equate Men’s 5 Blade Razor. This is a personal preference. Either one will work. These are other brands out on the market too. Then you need any type of washcloth. Don’t forget the hand held mirror to check your shaving results.

Next, you’ll need to buy some shaving cream. There are many shaving cream brands on the market. I prefer to use the Dollar Tree Assured Men’s Shave Cream – Sensitive. Another brand I have used is Edge Sensitive Men’s Shave Gel, which can be found at any local retail stores.

Just a reminder, that if your hair is too long please use an electric barber shears and or hair clipper before using a manual shaving razor. When starting to shave, slowly take your time. Rushing will cause cuts and bleeds. You don’t want that. Do not push the razor hard into your skin. The razor movements should be very light motion on the skin. When using the razor around your ears please cover your ear with your hand to prevent any cuts to your ear.

Now if you have all of the items needed to shave your head off, then you ready to start. First step, make sure you use a damp cold or warm washcloth and go over the area you want to shave. This will help the hair follicles get ready to be shaved. One should make sure your skin is wet on your head. Do NOT shave on dry skin!

Second step, add the shaving cream to your head. I tend to put the shaving cream on thick. This is up to up. Some shaving cream will act differently for different skin types. Do not shave without shaving cream. This will cause you to have some problems.

Third step, make sure you wet down and have a clean razor before starting. There should be no hair particles in the blades. Some razor blades can be used 3-5 times before they have to be replaced or when they become dull.

Fifth step, if your skin is cut and or is bleeding, please put a paper towel and or toilet paper on the area to stop the bleeding. If needed try putting ice on the area too. This will help. Most guys tend to get cut and bleed once in a while. So be careful when shaving your head.

Sixth step, check your shaving results in the mirror along with a hand held mirror too. If you see any places where you missed, then go back and shave if off. The end results should be to have a clean shaved head as a baby’s behind. Most guys tend to shave their head everyday or every other day. This choice is yours to make. Shave at your own risk. Good luck doing your own.

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