Off Topic – Top Ten Reasons NOT to Move to Central Florida


Written by Robert Voss

Every city in America has issues. There is no perfect place in this world. I have lived in Central Florida most of my life. So I tell you the truth what is going on. The top ten is not in any such order. Let’s start with number one.

The first one is housing. There is not enough housing for everyone. Developers can’t build affordable housing fast enough. Plus, the monthly rental rate keeps going up. Some families can’t afford to live in a normal three to four bedroom house in a descent neighborhood. The housing outside Orange County maybe bit cheaper. The core of Downtown Orlando is very high. Not many people can afford it. Many high-end white collar jobs can.

The next one is the cost of living in Central Florida. The minimum wage in the State of Florida is 8.46 per hour for 2020. The average employee will get paid around $1353.60. Most of the money will go towards housing, food, and left with very little savings.

The average workforce is blue collar, which is based on hospitality industry. They’re higher paying jobs, which are very competitive. They are looking for experience along with a college degree. There are no guarantees on landing a good paying job.

Then there is the big homeless problem in Central Florida. There are programs and shelters for these people. Most tend not to seek help on their own. One will see homeless people wondering the streets in Downtown areas.

Next, take the unpredictable hurricanes, tropical storms, and or flooding in the Central Florida areas. This is something they don’t tell you in any brochure when thinking about moving here. The chances of getting hit are not likely. However, it depends on the building structure you live in. But it can happen without preparing for it. Think about rental and homeowner insurance for these issues.

Do you like waiting in traffic? Central Florida has a lot of vehicle traffic. Interstate 4 is under construction for the Ultimate I-4 Construction project till 2022 or later. This road project will not solve the traffic solution. In the future, look for this to be done all over again.

Crime should be another factor when considering moving to Central Florida. Certain parts tend to have higher crime than other. Check you’re the law enforcement in the area where you want to live. The crime statistics don’t lie.

Political Landscape in Central Florida is changing. Florida was once considered a conservative state. This is changing based on the influx of Northerners moving to Central Florida. They are trying to bring social reform to our state similar to New York State. Changes are coming.

There are many high education intuitions in Central Florida for just about any major. The costs are quite reasonable. However, many students have a hard time finding the classes they need to graduate on time. Then there are no guarantees you’ll land a job in your field. There are many fields in demand, which are healthcare, computers, educators, and much more. Explore a career before making a final decision.

Florida is a gun friendly state. This is not an open carry state. However, Florida is number one for the numbers of conceal carry permits. Plus, there is annual gun show a few times a year in Central Florida.

Finally, after reading this article do you still feel like moving down here? There are many things to consider. Before rushing into any decision, please take your time. Good luck to you.

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