Service Review – Del-Air HVAC Maintenance Service Experience


Written by Robert Voss
Independent Reviewer

First off, I was having problems with cooling inside of my home. It was not feeling as cold as it could be. I do not know how to repair this HVAC problem. So I had to call in a HVAC expert.

Then I decided that I needed maintenance service on the heating and air-conditioner at my home. I called up Del-Air and talked with a friendly customer service agent.

Next, I asked if I could please have the first available appointment next week and about their maintenance special I saw online. Then she came back and said we have a first available appointment tomorrow morning. I said, sure I’ll will take it. The agent explained that they would arrive between the hours of 8:30am – 9:30am and went ahead and confirmed this appointment for the next day.

The next day, I received a call around 8am from Del-Air Customer Service Agent letting know that the tech would be there within forty-five minutes. The HVAC Techs were Ray and Muhammad arrived at around 8:36am. Usually, you’ll only get one tech and I was lucky to get two. I met both of them at their vehicle and showed them the outside HVAC condenser unit. They started their 20-point inspection. For a list of their 20-point inspection please visit

When looking at my HVAC condenser unit, I noticed a lot tree leaves inside the unit. They said not to worry. Plus, there was a build up of tree leaves around the unit too.

Next, I escorted them inside my home and showed them the HVAC air handler unit. They got right to work. They notice the A/C was not cooling. The tech opened the front of the air handler unit and took a look inside.

Other tips they told me were clean the trough and drain line with cold water only. Using bleach and water will rust out the inside of the unit. This should be done once a month.

They checked the air filter and it did not need to be changed at this time. The air filter looked clean. Always remember to write a date on the air filter when replacing it. Air filters should be changed out once month to every three months depending on air filter brand and A/C usage.

Towards the end of their inspection, they notice that the unit needed some R22 Freon. It ended up needing two pounds. The cost for the R22 Freon in the market place was $60-$100+ per pound. Please note that R22 Freon is being phased out over time. At some point I will have to buy a new air handler unit along with an air condenser unit too. The costs to replace both units at my home with a 1.5 ton unit is estimated to costs $5,000-$6,000+ plus tax and service. I asked the techs which brand they recommend and they said Carrier because the parts were reasonable priced and most consumers own this brand.

The last thing the techs checked was the outside drain line. The techs found that the drain line was clogged with dirt. Homeowners should check often to see if the drain line is clogged and to remove the debris with a shovel.

Overall, I was satisfied with the service call with the Del-Air Techs. They took their time and completed the work order within a short amount of time. They recommend calling them once a year for a maintenance service call. Don’t wait till the summer time to call them. During the summer many A/C companies will be overworked during peak times. Do it now and be ready for the season. For more information on this company please visit .

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