Buying A Sewing Machine During the Pandemic


Written by Nathan Wertheimer

Are you looking for a sewing machine during this pandemic period? You are not alone. Having a sewing machine is a great investment if knowing how to use it. Many people have the same idea buy using their sewing machine to make face masks for their families, first responders, and healthcare workers.

Recently, I was shopping around for a new sewing machine and could not find one on the store shelves. I checked Wal-Mart and Joann Fabric to name a few. Both did not have any on the store shelves and neither did the online store fronts too.

The next option was to buy a used sewing machine from either Amazon or eBay. I did not know where to start. Then I started browsing many sewing machines for sell on eBay. If you have a family budget, stay within a certain price point. My budget was between $50-$100 depending on the unit.

Before buying any new or used sewing machine conduct some research and read the reviews on a certain brand and model. Plus, look to see if parts are available at reasonable prices on a third party website.

There are many types of sewing machine with bells and whistles. Some options beginners do not need. One needs to decide whether to buy an entry level or an advanced sewing machine. This will depend on the projects you will want to work on. Here are some of brands to consider such as Bernina, Singer, Brother, Janome, and much more.

It is not recommended to buy a kids or child sewing machine. These machines tend to be cheaply made and may not event work at all. Plus, these machines may seem like a good deal but they are not. Save your money and invest in a good sewing machine that will last you for a long time.

There were other models that I looked at too. These sewing machines ranged from $15-$50 each. I consider this machine entry level on a tight budget. There were no guarantees that they would work. So I passed on these models.

Next, I bought a used Singer lightweight Sewing Machine on eBay for $95 with shipping. This machine was made in c1994, which was based on the model’s manual. There were no electronics switches and gauges on this machine. I consider this a standard base model. It is highly recommended to ask the selling questions before buying any machine. Before I bought this machine, I asked the selling if this was a good beginner sewing machine and how would it handle. The seller replied back by saying this was a great entry-level sewing machine and it is easy to operate. Now I had confident that I made the right decision.

Don’t be surprised on the shipping costs. This sewing machine weighed 16 lbs, which costs me $40 to ship to my home. The seller packed this item very well with a fragile label on the outside of the box. I was very impressed. When I removed the sewing machine out of the box, it seemed to be in good condition with the exception of normal wear and tear.

Once I got the machine ready, it took the unit through a test run. Everything seemed to work fine on the machine. I did not encounter any mechanical problems. This is a good thing. However, I was missing the bobbins and thread stopper that should have come with this machine. These items can be picked up at your local sewing store.

Finally, I am happy buyer from eBay. Do your homework before buying any sewing machine. Getting the wrong one and it will cost you money and time. Good Luck.

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