Off Topic – Received an Email for a Credit Score Report


By Mike Jones

Recently, I received an email for a credit score report under the email of . The email subject line reads, “View your Credit Score from All 3 Bureaus Now. This is not an official email from one of the three credit bureaus. A third party emarketing company sent this email to me. Before finding out your credit score online do your own homework first on various websites.

This advertisement graphics headline states, “View your Credit Score from all 3 bureaus.” Then the sub headline reads, “Guard your identity with a Cred Score Report” and then goes into “Related searches (in) my credit report, free credit report score, credit score, check credit score, and free credit score check.” “Get your 3 scores and report now.” A sub heading reads “checking your credit will NOT lower or affect your credit score!”

Who is This is not the first time that I have received an email from this email account. The previous emails that I have received from this individual were emails subject line reading “See New Mortgage Calculation” and “COVD-19 Update: Free Virtual Consultations & $200 Off*.” It is unknown how they got my email address.

On the bottom of this email it states, [This is an advertisement. You are the recipient of this e-mail newsletter because you have, by either purchasing products or participating in online actions, agreed to receive messages from us or our marketing partners. This message was sent to (your email address).]

Next, viewers will see text that says “To unsubscribe visit here (link).” When clicking on the unsubscribe link it takes viewers to and an unsubscribe page will appear. The website copy reads, “We thank you for being a valued customer and we’re sorry to see you go. To unsubscribe from future email communications, confirm your email address in the field below and click the unsubscribe button.”

Your email address maybe filled out ready in the unsubscribe area form. My opinion is don’t click on the unsubscribe button and just delete this email advertisement. It is a fifty-fifty that your email address will be removed from their data list.

Then there are some more text that state, “If you having problems with this site or continue to receive emails from us, please let us know and forward a copy of the message(s) to us for investigation to:”

Who is While researching this website, here is what I found. The homepage says “Your Source for News.” There is only the homepage that makes up this website.

This website is believed to compile email addresses for their on-going newsletters. Also, be aware this website might be storing information on your computer. Check the page information and clear cookies and site data.

Who is Spheric Publishing? This email emarketing content came from this company. They are an online advertising company, which is powered by Innovation. For more information on this company please visit

The footer on the email reads, Spheric Publishing – 848 N. Rainbow Blvd #9123, Las Vegas, NV 89107. Along with their company address is their phone number 877-215-1710.

Finally, if you’re truly interested in finding your own credit score then please go directly to one of the three trusted credit bureaus.Please visit,, and Getting one’s credit score and report should be safe if done correctly. It is never recommended to check your credit score through an email advertisement. For one thing, one does not know the person on the other side. This article was written to inform you about this emarketing emails.

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