Product Review – Honeywell Home Non-Programmable Thermostat RTH111B


By Nathan Wertheimer
Independent Reviewer

Recently, I had to replace my White-Rodgers single stage non-programmable horizon thermostat (Model #1F78-144) at my home. The reason why? The room temperature was not going down to cool off the place. It would hover around 81 degrees and it was set for 76 degrees and never reached that temperature point. This when I made a decision to replace the home thermostat unit.

Most people think that they have a problem with the HVAC system, however it think it was a worn out HVAC thermostat which was the problem. I went to Home Depot online to check out the selection of new thermostats. There was a variety to choose from. When looking at the store selection there was non-programmable to smart thermostats. I was hesitant in buying a smart thermostat. Many things could go wrong and someone might hack into it.

Next, I decided to purchase a Honeywell Home RTH111B Non-Programmable Thermostat for around $24 plus tax. The box UPC code is 0-85267-66641-1. On the box it claims it is easy-to-read digital display. Plus, there is an actual photo of the thermostat unit too. This model comes in white with a few buttons. It is no complicated to use. Don’t forget to get 2-AAA batteries for the unit. Honeywell does not have any information on their website for this model. Please refer to Home Depot website. It is unknown if this thermostat unit has been discontinued and is being phased out.

For installation, I decided to call my trusted handyman over to install it. He is a certified electrician. I thought about installing myself however, it looked a little complicated and I did not want to take the risk. He charged me $65 to install it. The handyman took about 5-10 minutes to remove the old thermostat and install the new one.

Once installed, the unit was reading 82 degrees. I knew it would take a few hours or more to bring down the room temperature. Next, I thought I was still having problems with the HVAC system. Eventually, the room did cool down and I was a happy camper.

Finally, I do recommend this product because of the brand name and good quality. Honeywell is a well-known company consumers can trust. Please remember to replace the unit’s batteries every year. For more information on this thermostat please visit or

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