Off Topic – Received an Email from eHarmony Dating Website


By Mike Jones

Recently, I received an email an eharmony advertisement from The email subject line reads, “(Your Name), Review Your Matches Now in Wellesley – it’s Free!,” This is not an official email directly from eharmony dating website that was emailed sent to me. Before clicking on any advertisement always research the advertiser. Many people are wondering how did they get this email. Well, there are two reasons, have you either signed up for eharmony in the past or eharmony has generated a new email list to target certain people.

This advertisement graphics headline states, “eharmony – On the search for love? Let’s go!” Along with the copy has a photo of an outside scene with a couple embracing one another, which only shows their legs. Under the photo it says, “©2020 eharmony, Inc. If you would no longer wish to receive out special promotions, please click here (link provided) or send mail to: eharmony, Inc. PO Box 241810 los Angeles, CA 90024. This is an advertisement.”

When clicking on this photo it goes to then redirects viewers to which is the official dating website. If you decide to remove your email from their database then click on the link provided in the advertisement. This link will take viewers to eharmony unsubscribe page. The headline on the page will read “eharmony email unsubscribe manager. Enter your email below and click “Unsubscribe.” Please note that it may take up to 10 days for you to stop receiving emails.” Then below is an email form to enter your email address along with an unsubscribe button.

Who is ? This is a third party emarketing company who may have been hired by eharmony. When conducting a search for this emarketing company nothing came up on the Internet search. In the past, I have received other emails from this emarketing company too. These email subject were entitled, “Discover Jan Seymour’s Breakthrough Body Care SecretMeet Jane Seymour’s Secret to Younger-Looking Skin” and “(Your Name), Love is in the Air! Review Your Matches Free.”

Finally, there are a few issues I have with this advertisement. I don’t live in Wellesley, Florida, which is by Tampa Bay area. This is very odd that they could not target the right region where I live. Secondly, the bogus third party emarketing company website. I wanted to read up on what type of company they are. In my opinion, this company maybe a fly by night emarketing company. If you are truly interested in joining eharmony then please go directly to their website. Please skip the advertiser who is trying to get a commission for each new member they signup from their advertisment.

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