Product Review – TJ Farms Select Shoestring French Fries

productreviewgrahpicsBy Robert Voss
Independent Reviewer

Need a side item with your meal? Then check out TJ Farms Select Shoestring French Fries. This product must baked or fried before serving. I found this product at a Dollar Tree store in Central Florida for just one dollar for a 20-ounce bag. The product UPC code is 7-55440-00014-0. This product must be keep frozen until ready to use. Plus, there is a long shelf life around a year and a half. There are other retail stores that sell this product too. It is not exclusive product just for Dollar Trees stores.

Who is TJ Farms Select? This is a brand made by Flagship Food Group from Idaho. They make much more than just French fries. Some of the other products they make under this brand are vegetables, fruit, chicken, entrees, breakfast, and appetizers. It is unknown if these are the same fries that Steak & Shake serves at their restaurants.

There are many other shoestring French fries brands out in the market place. Here is what I found such as Ore-ida, La Fe Shoestring Fries, Piknik Shoestring Potatoes, Season’s Choice Shoestrings, Lyden Farms Shoestring French fries, Goya Goya Shoestring Potatoes, Southeastern Grocers Shoestring Fries, and much more.

What’s in this product main ingredients? This product has Potatoes, vegetable oil, enriched flour, wheat flour, and much more. Plus, it may contain wheat and milk too. Note this is not a kosher product.

The product cooking instructions on the package is easy to read. Cooking times may vary. The package suggests preheating oven at 425 degrees, even layer 1 pound on baking sheet, bake for 12 minutes, turn product halfway through baking time.

When I cook these fries I use a greased tinfoil placed down on a metal baking sheet. Don’t over load the baking sheet. Then add some seasoning before baking fries off. I suggest sprinkling on some garlic powder, seasoning salt, etc.

When I make these fries, I use a Black and Decker Countertop Convection Oven. This oven does not have a setting for 425 degrees so I had to bake them at 400 degree for 30-40 minutes until golden brown.

Everyone loves hot French fries right out of the oven! Watch out they will be vary hot to eat. Let them cool down before eating. Most people tend to put ketchup on their fires to give them a unique taste. Dip them whatever you want!

Finally, this product package design is great along with the fries too. I highly recommend this product to all consumers. Give it a try! For more information on this product please visit

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