Gatorland Orlando Has Now Re-opened


Information compiled and written by Nathan Wertheimer

You may have seen in the local news that Gatorland Orlando has re-opened on Saturday, May 23, 2020. Mark McHugh, President and CEO of Gatorland Orlando posted a brief message on their website. Here is the message: Greetings to our thousands of friends and fans around the world.  Our Gatorland family of employees miss all of you and pray you have stayed safe and healthy through this pandemic.  As we begin to emerge from the various levels of quarantine, let me share with you the vast amount of work we have performed in our park to ensure the highest levels of safety for our guests and employees.

In mid-April, we began meeting twice a week with a team of 24 incredible Gatorland park leaders from every department and discipline, where we focused on 14 critical areas for safe park operations.  We embarked upon the largest overhaul of the park in our 70-year history, which was a huge mission.  This committee developed a very detailed, 31-page policy manual for safely operating the park in a post COVID-19 world.

Here are some of the many changes we made for your safe enjoyment of our family park:

    • All queue lines at admissions, shows, rides, food venues and retail shops have been marked for safe physical distancing based on CDC guidelines;
    • The park itself, food venues, retail shops, all shows, and rides now have reduced capacities and seats to provide comfortable and safe social distancing;
    • All rides, show seating, transaction counters, and pin pads are disinfected after every ride, show, or transaction;
    • All contact surfaces, doorknobs, handrails, grab rails, benches, chairs, and restroom surfaces are sanitized frequently throughout the day;
    • All counters, tables, and chairs at our food venues are sanitized and cleaned after every guest;
    • All public surfaces throughout the entire park are thoroughly disinfected every night;
    • We have added over 50 additional handwashing and hand sanitizer stations throughout the park;
    • The Jumparoo Show and Gator Gully Splashpark/Playground will be closed during Phase 1 and 2 due to limited space for proper social distancing;
    • All employees are required to have their temperature checked before working, and wear face masks at all times in the park. Guests are also encouraged to wear face masks;
    • By entering Gatorland, guests must agree that:
      • They do not have a fever, cough, or other symptoms of COVID-19;
      • Gatorland reserves the right to check their temperature if they exhibit symptoms;
      • They will endeavor to maintain social distancing from other groups; and
      • They will frequently use handwashing and hand sanitizer stations.

Along with enhanced employee training, these are just some of the many, many thoughtful changes we have made throughout our park and operations to ensure the safest possible theme park experience for you, your family, and our employees.  The safety and cleanliness of Gatorland have always been our guiding values, and we cannot wait for you and your family to come see us again.  Keep an eye on our website for an announcement of re-opening, which we hope is coming soon. From our family to yours, we wish you health, safety, and happiness.

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