Off Topic – Why Daily Funny Comic Characters Are Not Wearing Facemasks


By Mike Jones

If you look at the daily newspaper cartoons none of them are wearing any facemasks. I wonder why? I asked artist Nathan Wertheimer about this topic. He said, “Many artists today do not want to imitate real life with the on-going Coronavirus pandemic.” “This might put some people in a bad mental state of mind.” Most people in the United States are split on wearing a facemask out in public.

“If you have checked out the Coronavirus Guy Cartoon Series viewers will find that the character is wearing a mask most of the time.” “This is shred light on wearing a facemask in a positive way.” “When this pandemic ends, then the facemask will be taken down.

The other reasons why comic characters are not wearing facemasks are because one can’t see their facial expression. It may loose the meaning of what the artist is try to say in the frame. However, there are other ways a character can show expressions by their eyes, character position, and hand gestures.

The US Government and most companies are recommending everyone to wear a facemask. The same should be done for all cartoons to give the right impression that facemasks are essential to everyday life until this virus is gone. Many drug companies are working on finding a Coronavirus vaccine. Still there is not one that works so far.

If you feel strongly about the daily funny comic characters should be wearing a facemask then please reach out to the publishers and artists themselves and voice your opinion. This might change the perception that wearing a facemask is cool and saving lives at the same time.

Coronavirus EdIll_009

Cartoon Illustration by Nathan Wertheimer

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