Off Topic – Children with reading problems


By Mike Jones

First off, I have a learning disability while growing up. I could not stand reading at all. Reading was not something that came natural. In middle and high school I would read the local daily newspaper before going to school. I thought the newspaper was exciting and very informative. I enjoy non-fiction literature and articles. The sections I like the most in the newspaper are sports and entertainment. Because I am a visual person, I had an interest looking at the photos and graphics with the articles.

Parents should encourage their children to read something that they enjoy. It could be any topic. A family friend once told me while he was growing up he would always choose to read baseball books. He even did reports on these books in school. Today, he is an accomplished doctor in his own practice.

Reading is a skill everyone needs to learn. If your children are having a hard time learning to read then here is how to break it down to them. Tell your child that they are an investigator. Their task is read the entire book. After reading the book they will break the book down into how it was written, the main focus of the book, key characters or people, what they learned from the book, and much more. Encourage your child to take notes while reading. This will help retain the information from the book.

After reading a book break it down similar to an incident report. This consist with Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How? This can be used in their everyday day life. Security and Law Enforcement use this format to create reports for government and private businesses.

Finally, if I knew what I learned today back then I would have had an easier time. Today, I am an accomplished media writer. I would tell today children not to give up on their dreams. This is a skill they need for life.

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