Product Review – Husky Manual 15-foot Drum Auger-Snake

ProductReviewGrahpicsBy Nathan Wertheimer
Independent Reviewer

Are you experiencing a plumbing issue? If you said yes, you’re not alone. Calling a professional plumber can be expensive while trying to save you some money. First off, I am not a professional plumber and I am writing about my experience using this product. The next alternative is do-it-yourself plumbing using the Husky Manual 15-foot Drum Auger-Snake. I purchased mine from Home Depot Store in Central Florida for around $16.98 plus tax. The UPC product code is 8-83652-82969-0.

Who is the Husky Brand? This product brand is exclusive sold only at Home Depot Stores. They make much more than plumbing equipment. There is a whole line that includes shop vacs, tools, auto equipment, flashlights, boxes, chests, storage, air compressors, and much more. This brand slogan is “The Toughest Name in Tools.” Plus, this product is backed by a lifetime Husky Warranty. If this product fails, then bring it back to any Home Depot Store and they will replace it for free. Some restrictions may apply. See store for details.

Here are the product specs. The drum auger-snake was manufactured in China. The outside has heavy made plastic with metal cable wrapped up inside the unit. This auger-snake looks well made for home improvement consumers. It is vary safe, reliable, and easy to use. This product is intended to be use in either bathroom and kitchen drains to clear clogs in 1-1/4 – 2 inches drain lines.

Warning! Do NOT use this product in a toilet. It will scratch and leave metal marks on the porcelain toilet base. There are other special auger-snakes made to use on a toilet clog.

Always read the instruction before using this product. Here is the link for instruction at

My plumbing problem started with a backup sewage into the bathtub and toilet. Not a good thing in the middle of the night. I first used a plunger in the toilet and bathtub drain. It put to much force and pushed the clog further down the PVC pipe. Then the sewage backed up over flowing the toilet at some point. Not fun cleaning it up!

Once I got then product home, I could not wait to use it. There is no guarantee that this product will fix your plumbing issue. The clog could be further down the into the pipe than what this drum auger-snake was able remove. Now, I was ready to give it a try. So I used this drum auger-snake in the overflow bathtub drain. First, I removed the overflow bath drain cap. Then pulled the metal cable from the 15-foot Drum Auger-Snake unit. I feed the entire metal cable into the PVC drainpipe. Next, using the handle spin it clock-wises like the direction says. One can hear the cable rotating through the pipe. I was not able to get the debris in the clogged pipe. Then I retracted the metal cable back into the unit.

Next, I had to call a professional plumber to get rid of the big clog. The plumber used a thicker and longer cable to get to the clog. When he got to the clog, he removed a wad of toilet wipes along with breaking an old brittle pipe and creating a huge leak in the garage. This product did not create crack the pipe. I just wanted to make this perfectly clear. Here is another tip. Never throw anything down the toilet except for toilet paper only. Save your self from this problem it had.

Finally, I just love the price and quality of this product. In future, I plan to use this product again. This product can be used on small clogs with hair and other small debris. Use this product at your own risk. Manufacturer is not responsible for the damage you may cause. Good luck!

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