Off Topics – Received an email from ObamaCare Health


By Robert Voss

Recently, I received an email about ObamaCare Health from (tells@racheltells). The email subject line reads, “Get the best gift, the gift of Health Insurance.” Currently, I have health insurance with a large national company. It is unknown why they targeted me. I was curious on why this email was sent me.

Who is ObamaCare Health? Yes, this company has is a real website. On the bottom of there website it give more information about this company. [ is an online lead generator, matching consumers with businesses that offer products and/or services of interest. is not a licensed broker, carrier or direct provider of insurance products or services. In order to perform the matching services and enable you to secure a quote from a provider, may require you to submit health information. Your responses, and the information you choose to submit in order to obtain a quote, will help improve the accuracy of your quote results. You understand, acknowledge and agree that the information you choose to provide to will be collected, stored and transmitted only to’s partners, and solely for the purpose of matching you with businesses that can provide you with quotes. Make sure to compare rates and fees, as they can vary between health insurance providers and may depend on the state in which you reside.] Information taken from

To break it down this company is a health care insurance broker between two parties the insurance seller and the consumer. They do not have a physical address. They are located out of UPS Store Post Office Box in Ashland, Kentucky. It is believed this business is operated out of someone’s home.

The advertisement in this email has a photo of a young family sitting against the wall looking back at the viewers. The copy headline reads “Is There a Better Health Plan for Your Family?” Then underneath the headline states, “Make sure you’re getting the best coverage at the best price.” Underneath this copy is a red button that says, “Get a Quote.” If the viewer clicks on the button it takes the viewer to and then redirects viewers to . On the bottom of the advertisement it says, “Quotes Don’t Have to Be Complicated. We Make It Simple.” They offer lower monthly premiums, hassle-free process, and quotes within minutes.

The footer on the email reads, [We hope you enjoyed receiving this email. Should you no longer wish to receive emails from this company, visit this link to unsubscribe, or mail comments to 1608 S. Ashland Ave #21505 Chicago, IL 60608.
This is an advertisement.] If the viewer clicks on the link to goes to and is re-directed to .

Who is They are a third party emarketing company. When looking up this business address we could not confirm the address in Chicago. There are many companies at this address. Plus, in the footer of this advertisement they failed to post their real emarketing company name.

Finally, if you’re shopping around for healthcare insurance please do your homework before going with any company. It is recommended to go to the larger health insurance companies because they tend to give the consumer a cheaper rate. The smaller healthcare insurance companies seem to be much higher on their rates.

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