Off Topic – Looking for 9mm FMJ Ammo in Central Florida


By Mike Jones

If you are looking for 9mm Full Metal Jacket ammo for your handgun then you maybe out of luck. Recently, I shopped around Central Florida looking for ammo for my handgun. I was surprised to learn that Academy Sports were out of stock on popular brands of Federal, Winchester, Remington, and much more. I did not stop just there. Next I was on the hunt for ammo anywhere I can find it.

Because of the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic, many consumers are stocking up on ammo for home defense purposes. Even first time gun owners are out shopping for ammo too. The demand is very high right now at local stores and across the nation too.

What I miss about Wal-Mart is buying ammo at their store. About a year ago Wal-Mart stopped selling Federal and Winchester 9mm FMJ aluminum and brass ammo boxes on store shelves. Their prices were very good ranging from $8-$10 per box. I would usually brought 1-2 boxes at a time. Now I have to look for another ammo store.

With large retail stores out of stock on most ammo the next place to check is at your local gun store. Please beware that prices will be much higher. However, they may have a better stock available to purchase.

Another place to check is ordering your ammo online from a reputable ammo store. They are many of them out there to choose from. Here are a few online stores such as Target Sports USA, Bass Pro Shop, Sportmans Warehouse, Bulk Ammo, and much more.

While online I found Ammo Inc 9mm Luger Ammunition 9115TMCA50 115 Grain Full Metal Jacket 50 Rounds for just $19.95 a box plus shipping. They had them in stock. On the top of their website it states, [Due to high order volume, orders placed now are shipping in 5-6 business days. Please do not email or call about stock status or when your order will ship. This will delay all orders. We are shipping as fast as possible. Thank you.]

The last place to check is on the manufacture website. When visiting an ammo manufacturer store website you will find they are out of stock too. There are no guarantees. They first have to manufacture their product for gun dealers and retail stores before selling to the general public. There is always a chance you might become lucky and purchase ammo directly from the manufacturer.

Here is an ammo storage safety tips during a fire. If you store a large amount of ammo at your resident and a fire breaks out. You have two options. One should bring all the ammo outside and away from the structure that is on fire. Secondly, please notify the fire department where the ammo is located inside your home. There is a chance the fire fighters can keep the fire temperature low and away from the flames. If you don’t do anything during the fire will consume the ammo and will be cooked off. The end result will be the ammo exploding. This can cause serious injuries to many fire fighters who are trying to put off the fire. Be a responsible gun owner!

Finally, this article was written to educate the general public on what is going on when shopping for ammo. Note the article writer does not endorse any ammo store and or manufacturer. Good luck.

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