Off Topic – The Clean Key – Door Opener Shopping Guide



By Nathan Wertheimer

During these times, no one wants to touch a door handle that everyone has touched? However, there is a product out on the market call Clean Key. Plus, there are other products that are similar named such as a door opener, sanitary key, non-contact portable hygiene key. This product helps an individual open up doors instead of using their hand. Neat idea! Let’s keep everyone safe.

What can this product be used for? This product is mainly used to open door handles, used a pointer to push elevator buttons, pointer for retail store checkout keep pads, security device, and much more. This device is small enough to carry in one’s pocket. There are no guarantees that this type of product will function on all applications and doors.

Not all Clean Keys are the same. There are many shapes, sizes, color, have ridges, and made out of different material. Prices will vary by model. It is rare to find this product on retail store shelves. It is believed that most of these devices are manufactured from China. Quality of the product has yet to be determined.

When buying your Clean Key many of them do not give consumers manuals on how to use them. If you use this product wrong it may injury yourself or someone else. Experiment with your clean key to see how it will function out in your environment.

Here is what I know about the Clean Key model that I own. First, it will not work on all doors. When approaching any door evaluate to see if it works. Doors that are too heavy to pull will not work. Some door handles that are too smooth will have a hard time gripping the door handle. Plus, the device can slip from door handles too. The reason why is because their no rubber-like material to get a better grip on the door handle. Check your local hardware store to see if you can modify your Clean Key Look for a product like some-sort of tape and or other rubber material. This is just a suggestion.

Where can one purchase this product? I purchased this product on eBay for around $12 for a set of three. Prices have been all over the place ranging from $3 – $261 plus tax and shipping. Other places where consumers might find this product at are Amazon, Newegg, Wal-Mart, and much more.

Owning and using a Clean Key is a habit one has to get into. Leaving at it at home or on your key ring will not do one justice. Some consumers has been discouraged by their Clean Keys that will not work on all doors. Trust me. Some of these clean keys may have been modified to grip better on doors. Just reminder these are first generation Clean Keys. Look for improvements in the future on all Clean Key designs.

Finally, it is hit or miss to buy at Clean Key at this time. The choice is yours. Please use it in a safe way. Use your clean key at your own risk.

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