2020 July Renningers Yard Sale Summer at Mt Dora Preview


Article graphics courtesy by Rennginers Mt Dora

Press Release by Renningers Mt Dora along with additional information

Looking for treasure? Check out the 2020 Renningers Yard Sale Summer on July 17 – 19, 2020, at Renningers Mt Dora. What better locale to throw the biggest yard sale in Lake County. The advertising has been set…people are talking, hundreds are coming, and we are ready with vendors, food, and fun for all! Rain or shine this event goes on.

Summer is here, and with that comes the surveying of what children have grown out of, antique and vintage inventory that has been around through a season of extravos and shows, and then we realize “Boy, we have a ton of stuff!”. So Renninger’s decided to have the best and most profitable “Yard Sale Summer” to help you remedy that!

It is a short drive from Downtown Orlando to Renningers Mt Dora. Check your GPS for the best route there. They are located on a main highway US 441 in Mt. Dora.

In June, July, and August, Renninger’s Antique and Flea Market will host this mega sale on the property along with an Antique Fair and the usual Flea Market and Antique Center dealers. What more can you ask for….sHoP tIlL yOu DrOp….and then come back for more.

Tips for “Buyers” – haggle, bring lots of cash (and yes, many vendors do accept credit cards these days), bring your own wrapping paper, and a handy shopping cart! Put boxes in your car to transfer “precious” treasures. Enjoy the hunt!

Tips for “Vendors” – Display with care (avoid pricing everything). Sort like items in “fun” bins, like hardware drawers. Always group similar objects (get inspiration from catalogs). Try color coding with labels, and then tack a “Pricing Key” up for all to see. Show your baubles in a not so jumbled up way, and make more profit. When it’s all over and you can’t bear to pack it up, donate it to The Salvation Army. The Salvation Army of Central Florida will have a trailer on the property for you to pass on items for needy families. Receipts for tax purposes will be provided.

Above all, everyone, have fun pickin’. Then we will do it all again next year! If you miss this event then mark your calendar for August 16-18, 2019. For more information, contact Toni Moody at toni@renningers.com, or call our Antique Center office at (352)-383-8393 or visit renningers.net/events/renningers-yard-sale-summer-2-2-2/

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