Product Review – Five Below Fabric Facemasks by Elis LLC


By Nathan Wertheimer
Independent Reviewer

With the current COVID-19 pandemic still going on around the world, it is now necessary to wear a facemask in public. It is highly recommended! Recently, I have been looking around for a fabric facemask for myself. So I stopped by my local Five Below store in Central Florida. Inside the store, look for a large end-cap stocked with both paper and fabric facemasks.

Who is Elis LLC? There is no information on this company on the Internet at this time. It is believed that they are a small company.

On the end-cap, they had a three baskets filled with a variety of different color facemasks. I found black, camo, and pink tie-dye, for just $3 each. They’re maybe a limited stock of these masks at each store. Get one while you can.

This product was packaged in a clear zip lock bag with a generic label on the back. The black facemask model is EMET-261. Also listed on the label is the fabric material contains 95% polyester, 5% spandex. The black fabric facemask UPC code is 1-92234-05939-5. On the Five Below website list the stock-keeping unit (SKU) #3355575.

When you take this facemask home it is recommended that you wash before use. If not, it smells like new fabric and will be uncomfortable to wear. Hand wash in cold water with like colors. It is not recommended to place it in the washing machine. This may cause the fabric to rip and fall apart.

Here is the product specs as stated on Five Below website:

•  These fabric face masks are a great way to keep yourself & others safe, all while showing off your style!
• Proudly handmade in the USA
• Features elastic ear loops & comfy, stretch fabric
• Adult sizing
• Non-medical grade
• Handmade, sizing varies between approximately: 4-4.75in (W) x 7-7.5in (L)
• Like all non-medical grade face masks, does not provide full protection against microbial or virus, use safely.

Overall, I highly recommend this product who anyone who is looking to wear a facemask. This facemask breathe and is easy to talk through. This is a fast selling item at Five Below Stores. For more information on these facemasks please visit

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