Cheap Eats – Plain Jane Pulled Pork Sandwich at Pig Floyd’s Urban Barbakoa in Orlando


By Nathan Wertheimer
Independent Reviewer

First off, many people have talked about Pig Floyd’s Urban Barbakoa in Orlando. So I decide to give it a try. I was craving some BBQ. Then I visited the Mills 50 in Orlando location. They are located at 1326 North Mills Avenue, Orlando, Florida 32804.

Here is some brief history about Pig Floyd’s Urban Barbakoa Restaurant is owned by PF LN L.L.C.. They are an independent run and owned fast casual BBQ place which ahs been open since 2016. At this time, they only have two locations. The other location is in East Orlando. They offer dine-in, takeout, and catering.

When driving to this restaurant around the lunchtime, I accidently passed it up and had to turn around. Upon entering the property there were a few parking spaces available. Next, I parked my vehicle. Entered the restaurant, there were only a few people sitting inside this restaurant. Due to COVID-19 everyone is required to wear a mask and conduct social distancing.

Pig Floyd’s has a full food menu was printed on the wall. They have everything from pulled pork sandwiches, sliced brisket, sausage, tacos, and chicken. Prices range from $8.99 – $18.99 depending on the meal. There is something for everyone to pick from. No one can say that they went away hungry. For a complete food menu please check restaurant website.

It did not take long for me to decide on what to order. There was not a long line to wait with just one person ahead of me to order. I choose the #01 Plain Jane Pulled Pork with Oakwood smoked pulled pork topped with apple fennel slaw on a bun. I asked for their regular BBQ sauce on the side. Plus, it came with one side, which I choose the French Fries. The cost of the meal was $8.99 plus tax and tip.

After ordering, the counter attendant recommended waiting in your vehicle for take out. She gave me a table number. Because of COVID-19 they did not want anyone standing around waiting inside the restaurant for their food. I did not have a problem with their request. It took approximately 10 minutes to prepare my food. There were other customers ahead of me waiting for their food too.

Once I received my food in a box, I could not wait to get it back to the office in Orlando. Instead, I started eating the season French Fries in my vehicle while driving. They were very tasty. These fries reminded of the Checker Fast Food fries.

Now for the big taste of “Plain Jane Pulled Pork” Sandwich. When looking at this sandwich it is very big. One needs two hands to eat it. It may be a little messy because some of the contents that may slide off the sandwich. Another thing dinners will notice is the apple fennel slaw on the sandwich. It looked like me Caesar salad Cole slaw.

Don’t forget Doordash offers food delivery from Pig Floyd’s. On this courier service’s website they state that the local restaurants delivered in 45 minutes or less. Here is the process. Order online, then track in real-time delivery, and enjoy your meal. For more information please visit

Finally, I highly recommend this BBQ place for anyone visiting the Northeast Orlando area. It is definitely worth the drive to get some great BBQ. For more information on Pig Floyd’s please visit

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