Product Review – Nature’s Sweet Roma Tomatoes


By Nathan Wertheimer
Independent Reviewer

Have you looking to cook or make diner with the Nature’s Sweet Roma Tomatoes grown by NS Brands, Limited. Then continue to read this article. Recently, I purchase this produce at my local Central Florida Aldi Store. They were $1.19 each for a package of 16 ounces (1lb). The UPC code is 7-51666-22165-9.

Who is NS Brands Limited? This company is based in San Antonio, Texas. There produce comes from Mexico. They produce an assortment of tomatoes products.

When buying tomatoes always check the quality and color. I have seen some with green spots on them. Make sure to use them within a few days of buying them. Don’t forget to always wash your tomatoes before eating like the product packaging says.

Most consumers are wondering why the packaging says, “Do not refrigerate.” So I decided to put the package of tomatoes inside of my refrigerator and ignored the label. Here is what happened. Over time, the tomatoes got very soft and eventually got green spots on them. I ended up throwing them out without eating them. Not good!

Nature’s Sweet has posted a press release about the COVID-19 Pandemic. Here is what they posted on there website: To our tomato lovers, Thanks for checking in! As you have come to know, our people are our #1 priority. We are happy to share our action plan to prevent COVID-19, our engagement plan for our Associates psychological health, and our support plan for our Associates, their families, and the communities we serve. Our priority is taking care of our more than 7,000 Associates who are the heart of our brand. While they work to provide us with fresh produce when it is needed most, our mission remains unchanged – improve their lives and their family’s lives. Beyond continuing to hire and provide a source of stability and development when so many jobs are being threatened, we are taking a three-pronged approach of support:

Associate Support
●Safety plan implementation ​including temperature checkpoints, additional PPE, sanitation, and social distancing inside our facilities – including rearranging our cafeteria layouts and adding shifts to reduce contact. We also provide transportation to and from work and will be adding additional buses to our routes so fewer people are on each bus.
●Extensive communication​ to reinforce health measures at work and at home.
●Special training​ was also given to our staff to ensure we can help those going through anxiety or any other mental health issue
●Special bonuses​ and sundries for our front-line workers
●Thank you lunches ​each Friday, in accordance to social distancing guidelines, to serve Associates a special lunch and snack to show our gratitude for their service.
●Paid-leave compensation for at-risk associates

Family Support
●Family safety kits to keep Associates’ families safe. ​Kits include five face masks, cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer, soaps, disinfectant, and a spray bottle, along with a letter to families and instructions for use of the kits.
●Grocery packs​ for Associates to take home to share with their families.
●Associate family support​ including shipments of board games, contests, and other entertainment home with our Associates to bring joy to their families as their support is also vital to our mission.

Community Support
●Community safety kits ​including goggles, facemasks and other protective gear, which is a critical need in the areas where our greenhouses operate.
●Up to $5,000,000 in product donations to food banks and indigenous community organizations​ in Atlanta and several cities in Texas, including Corpus Christi, Houston, Laredo and San Antonio.

In addition to increasing our already comprehensive cleaning and food safety policies, we are doing everything we can to support our Associates and their families, and we’re prepared to take further action as needed. We hope the rest of the tomato industry – and the entire agriculture industry – joins us in rising up these workers who are the life force of our global food system.

I understand you might be worried about the empty grocery shelves you’ve been seeing, and may be wondering if you’ll still be able to get your favorite Nature Sweet products in the coming weeks. I can assure you, because of these hard-working and dedicated Associates, we plan to keep grocery stores well stocked. We’re also increasing our staffing to ensure you have access to our fresh produce. From our Nature Sweet family to yours, we thank you for your support, especially today. We’re proud you choose to feed Nature Sweet products to your family, and we hope you and yours stay safe and healthy.

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