Product Review – Mainstays Reversible Comforter Bedspread in a Bag


By Robert Voss
Independent Reviewer

Are you tired of the same boring bedroom? Then now is the time for a change. Check out the Mainstays Reversible Comforter/Bedspread. This product is a great for any college students that are heading back to dorms and or living off campus. This is not my first time buying this product. Currently, I own and use an old two-tone brown Mainstays Reversible Comforter Bedspread in a Bag. I still love with no complaints.

What is the Mainstays brand? Since 1996, Wal-Mart has carried this generic brand. They sell much more than just comforters. In their lower-priced product line they make kitchen utensils, ready-to-assemble furniture, and home décor items. Plus, there are over 1,000+ products with this brand name. Not all products made by the Mainstays brand are made in the USA. This is noted on the product label.

Recently, I purchased a Grey Mainstays Reversible Comforter Bedspread Full/Queen size for just $23.97 plus tax at my local Wal-Mart Store. The Wal-Mart website is selling the same product for $29.47 plus tax/shipping. One can’t beat the in-store price on this product. The UPC code is 0-86569-27755-8 and the manufacturer part number is MS8044409622-55. This bedspread comes in a variety of sizes which include twin, full/queen, and king. It is unknown about a California King size.

Because of COVID-19 pandemic, there is a limited selection of solid colors on store shelves. This product comes in a variety of colors including grey, black, mint, navy, and white. Some colors maybe out of stock online and or in stores at this time. If you see it then buy it.

Here are the product specs:

  • Include only 1 – full/queen comforter/bedspread
  • Comforter cover & fill is 100% hypoallergenic polyester
  • Lightweight comforter for summer use and or for camping comforter
  • Same comforter style pillow cases and bed sheets are sold separately
  • May not be suitable for very cold weather.
  • Softwash fabric
  • Monochromatic colors
  • Measures 88” x 92” (Full/Queen size)
  • Machine washable
  • No Warranty specified on Wal-Mart website. Inquire within in store.
  • Product made in China

On the Wal-Mart website this product has good reviews. It has 4.7 Stars out of 5. Wow! Consumers should always check the retail store product rating to determine if this item is a good fit for you.

It is easy to wash this Mainstays Reversible Comforter Bedspread. Just throw this bedspread in a large washing machine with cold water on delicate cycle. After washing the bedspread, put it in the dryer on the air-fluff setting. Then hang to air-dry. Do not apply heat to comforter while in dryer this may cause the fabric color to fade. Launder at your own risk. Not responsible for outcome.

Overall, I have been happy with this product. Expect their to be wrinkles on the comforter when unfolding it. Eventually, the wrinkle will come out. This product comes highly recommended by me. For more information on this product please visit

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