Product Review – Shakespeare Catch More Fish Lake/Pond Complete Fishing Kit


By Nathan Wertheimer
Independent Reviewer

If you are looking in get into fishing or have been away from this sport in awhile and need a new rod/reel then check out this Shakespeare Catch More Fish Lake/Pond Complete Fishing Kit (Model #CMF2LAKEPOND). The UPC code is 0-43388-43431-9. This product is great for beginners and or advanced recreational fisherman or fisherwoman. Get out and enjoy the outdoors again.

What is the Shakespeare brand? This brand name is currently owned and produced by Pure Fishing Inc. The original name refers back to the founder William Shakespeare Jr. who founded the company in Kalamazoo, Michigan in 1897. Today, Pure fishing is still producing the Shakespeare brand fishing equipment. This brand stands behind their products.

This is not my first Shakespeare brand fresh water-fishing rod/reel combo that I have owned. I used to own a black/gold combo fishing rod/reel back in the 90’s. After college, I gave this fishing pole to a young boy across the street so he could take up fishing. I sure miss this combo fishing rod/reel. This rod/reel was a classic.

How does the Shakespeare compare to the other brands out there. Let’s see there is Abu Garcia, Daiwa Seiko, Okuma, and much more. Some of these brands will have the same price points. Consumers should check online reviews. Note not all online reviews are creditable.

In August 2020, I purchased two new Shakespeare Catch More Fish Lake/Pond Complete Fishing Kit at an Academy Sports Store for just $29.99 plus tax. There was not a lot of fishing poles choose from. I did not want the cheapest or most expensive model. I had to work within the budget that I have. This fishing kit has everything anyone would want for a day of fishing.

Here are the specs on this product:

  • Number of pieces: 2
  • Color: Silver/Blue
  • Technique: Spinning
    • Bearing Count: 1
  • Rod Power: Medium
  • Rod Length: 6’
  • Rod is made of graphite, aluminum eye holes, plastic, and has a cork handle
  • Reel handle position: both right/left
  • Reel size: 30
  • Reel has Aluminum spool along with a top plastic cap
  • Reel has Stren brand clear fishing line, 4-8 lbs.
  • Sorry, no product instruction manual on how to use this fishing combo rod/reel
  • Product Instructions for rigging guide inside of fishing tackle container.
  • Product can be used for salt water too.
  • Product comes with a 1-year warranty on manufacturer defects
  • Product made in China

What in the fishing tackle container:

  • (1) Package of Shaky Warms
  • (2) Sinner Grubs
  • (7) Grubs
  • (4) 3/0 Warm hooks
  • (5) Bream hooks
  • (3) Jig heads
  • (2) Red/white bobbers
  • (5) Split shots

Consumers can find this product at Bass Pro shops, Academy Sports, Dick’s Sporting Good, and many other fine retail stores. This product is in short supply because of the COVID-19 Pandemic. If you see it, buy it. This is a hot selling product.

There are other brands that consumers can compare this product to Abu Garcia, Daiwa Seiko Corp, Okuma fishing Products, and much more.

After purchasing this product, consumers will have to remove the package labeling, stickers on the rod and tackle container. Sorry, there is no direction on what needs to be removed and what should stay. This is one reason why I am writing this article for consumers.

Here are some items that consumers should not remove from the combo rod/reel. Keep the black plastic bands around the reel connected to the rod. This will keep it from falling off the rod. One should always have the reel on the rod tight. If not, it will fall off when you least expect it.

Another thing to leave is the clear plastic on the handle of the rod. When the cork gets wet sometimes it will start coming apart.

Some consumers have complaint in a review about the eyeholes not lining up correctly. This might be from a manufacture defeat. Do not try and bind the eyeholes into alignment. They will break off very easy then you will have to buy a new fishing pole. Contact manufacturer for a possible replacement.

If you buy two of the same rod/reel combo fishing kit it is advised to put two different color electrical tapes on your rods to tell them apart.

Now it’s time to head to a lake/pond. Just remember you may need a fishing license in your state. Check the state laws before heading out. If you are in the State of Florida please visit

Here are some other items you’ll want to add to your fishing tackle box. These items are:

  • (1) spool of monofilament fishing line 30 lbs.
  • (1) Beetle Spin – yellow
    • (1) Beetle Spin – black
  • (1) Package of various sinkers (weights)
  • (3) Various size bobbers
  • (1) Pocketknife and or scissors
  • (1) Package black barrel w/interlock
  • (1) Pair of rubber gloves
  • (1) Package of casting leaders – black steel wire with a sinker/weight rig

Here what I thought about the 1st fishing trip with this new rod/reel combo. I visited one of the local hot fishing spots in Central Florida. Before heading out to the waterway, I asked an experience fisherwoman how to tie the bait to the fishing line. Everything went well. I could wait to throw out for a catch. My friend threw out the first catch and the line broke off. It is unknown if it was tied wrong way and or the 4-8 lbs. line did not hold up. I am recommending replacing the 4-8 lbs. fishing line with a higher pound fishing line. This will save you time and the trouble.

While out fishing we encountered tangled fishing line throughout the day. This happens because the top dial (Spool Release & drag adjustment) was not set correctly. This is all trial and error. Eventually, you’ll get the hang of it. Don’t worry and or ask for assistance from your fellow fisher person.

Overall, I enjoyed using this fishing rod/reel combo and would recommend this product to anyone. The only thing I would replace is the fishing line it came with by the manufacturer. Start enjoying this new sport and hobby. For more information this product please visit or

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