The Coronavirus Guy Cartoon Series Published 100th Edition


Press Release by Mike Jones

Orlando, FL – Last week marked a milestone for The Coronavirus Guy Cartoon Series. Cartoonist Nathan Wertheimer published his 100th edition. Can you guess what illustration will be published? Here’s a hint. He will pop out of something.

If you have not been following The Coronavirus Guy Cartoon Series on Otownfun, then you have missed a whole lot. Here are the top five published Coronavirus Guy cartoons. These illustrations are in a random order:

  1. Coronavirus Guy with Mona Lisa wearing a facemask
  2. Coronavirus Guy preparing for a hurricane
  3. Coronavirus Guy dating during a pandemic while social distancing
  4. Coronavirus Guy getting a huge envelope with the test results
  5. Coronavirus Guy is the Man of the Year in a cigarette advertisement

To see all the published illustrations please visit and scroll down to the cartoon section on the homepage. Plus, these cartoons can be seen on social media as well.

Waiting in the wing is a new cartoon series called Ned’s Life. The Coronavirus Guy will eventually morph into a guy called Ned. Who is Ned and where did he come from? When Wertheimer was a kid his nickname was Ned. He used this name until he started college. Today, only a few people still call him by that name. This character is unique because it showcases his life and current events around him. If you happen to do anything funny around Wertheimer he might turn it into a cartoon scene and publish it. He is always looking for new content. So watch out around him. Just be yourself!

About the Coronavirus Guy Cartoon Series
The very first Coronavirus Guy cartoon was published on April 7, 2020 and has continued ever since. It was not easy for Wertheimer to create on going content during these tough times. This cartoon was created around pop culture, advertisements, current events, funny moments, public service announcements, and much more. His goal is to finish out this cartoon series when the COVID-19 slowly fates away from the United States.

Coronavirus EdIll_100

Cartoon Series of the 100th edition by Nathan Wertheimer


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