Product Review – Remington Nose, Ear, & Brow Trimmer NE3871


By Nathan Wertheimer
Independent Reviewer

Recently, I owned an old Remington Nose, Ear, & Brow Trimmer NE3250 and was accidently dropped. The plastic piece with the stainless Steel Blades separated into two pieces after hitting the ground. This device held up for many years with no problems. After the mishap it was time to buy a new one. So I headed to the store to see what was out on the market.

The first and only place I checked was Wal-Mart. There were three different types of Nose, Ear, & Brow Trimmer on the shelves. Prices on these devices ranged from $8-$12.97 plus tax. I decided to pay the extra money and purchase the Remington Nose, Ear, & Brow Trimmer NE3871 / Nose Trimmer 4000. The cost was $12.97 plus tax. Expect to have this device for many years to come.

What is Remington brand? This product was created and marketed by Spectrum Brands Inc. They have been in business in New York since 1937. Currently, their company headquarters are located in Middleton, Wisconsin. Their website claims they are the “#1 Women’s electronic shave brand in North American. Their motto is “Tools to Express the Real You.” TM Here’s why? [From styling to shaving to grooming, we have the tools you need to elevate your unique style and find the confidence that comes from having a great look. Our worldwide presence makes us the go-to personal care brand for millions of people who want total control of their look and style through every stage of their lives. Discover our story, and find your Remington.] Information from Remington.

This new current Remington model is different from my last one. The new device is yellow and gray made out of plastic and manufactured in China. On the box of this product they state it is “virtually indestructible” and “durability guaranteed.” I can’t wait to put this product to the test. Plus, there is a 5-year limited warranty on this product too.

Some of the feature on this product are 100% waterproof, durable and easy to clean, ready to use right out of the box, comes with a single AA battery included, non-slip rubberized grip, dual-sided stainless steel blades, and a washout system button to maintains peak performance.

This product is easy to use. Always make sure you have a fresh battery in this device to have it operating at it’s best. I only use this product for cleaning out nose hairs. There are some men who allow people to see their nose hairs. This is not a good thing. Always remember to remove your nose hair for a great look! Trust me.

Finally, I highly recommend this product for everyone. Give it a try and see the difference. For more information on this product please with

And or

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