Enzian presents “13+ Films and Cocktails of Halloween” Throughout October

Article graphics courtesy by Enzian

Press Release from Enzian

Orlando, FL (September 24, 2020) – Enzian is showcasing a series of scary movies and events so you can celebrate Halloween all month long. The lineup features programs for all ages and includes midnight films and cult classics. Eden Bar will also be featuring 13 Cocktails of Halloween available throughout October.

Janie Pope, Director of Development and Public Relations for Enzian said, “Eden Bar’s Halloween cocktails are truly an experience, taking the spooky season to another level. Each cocktail has been personally crafted by our bar managers, and compliments our 13 films perfectly. October is my favorite time of year at Enzian and Eden, and I can’t recommend these deliciously creepy cocktails enough.”

High-resolution photos of the 13 Cocktails of Halloween can be found here, and credit must be given to Enzian Theater, Eden Bar, and Isacc Yi with Unlucky Rabbit Studio.

In addition, Enzian will be offering a free punch card contest for the month of October. Starting on October 1st, patrons can pick up a “13 Films of Halloween” punch card from Enzian’s box office and receive a punch for each Halloween screening they attend. There is also an opportunity for bonus entries for each specialty cocktail ordered from Eden Bar during October, one punch per visit. Guests with punch cards will be eligible to receive a free popcorn or cookie on their fifth movie, and on the tenth, a free Halloween cocktail of their choice. At the end of the month, punch card holders are encouraged to turn in their cards for a chance to win either a $100 bar tab or an annual membership to Enzian. Each punch is an entry, so the more punches the better the odds. A total of 100 punch cards will be available first come, first served.

Limited edition Halloween-themed t-shirts for Enzian Theater and Eden Bar are also available on their new Online Apparel Store through the month of October.

FILMS:                  Cult Classics: MARS ATTACKS!

Tuesday, October 6th at 9:30PM

A fleet of Martian spacecraft surrounds the world’s major cities and all of humanity waits to see if the extraterrestrial visitors have, as they claim, “come in peace.” U.S. President James Dale (Jack Nicholson) receives assurance from science professor Donald Kessler (Pierce Brosnan) that the Martians’ mission is a friendly one. But when a peaceful exchange ends in the total annihilation of the U.S. Congress, military men call for a full-scale nuclear retaliation.
USA, 1996, 106 minutes, Rated PG-13, Directed by Tim Burton

Thursday, October 8th at 7:30PM
Presented by Computer Business Consultants, Inc

This film is a part of our Popcorn Flicks series, which takes place in Central Park, Winter Park once a month and it’s FREE and open to the public!

Advanced registration is requested. Check back here for the RSVP link to reserve your free, socially-distanced, 10’x10′ movie space. Up to 6 people per party.

Attendees are encouraged to participate in the Curbside To-Go program to grab a meal to enjoy in the park during the movie. City staff will be present to remind attendees to keep a safe social distance. Masks are encouraged and hand washing stations will be available. No popcorn will be handed out at this event in an effort to minimize contact. A list of participating Curbside To-Go restaurants can be found here.

Lawrence Stewart Talbot (Lon Chaney Jr.) is plagued by a physical oddity that turns him into a crazed werewolf after sundown. His desire to rid himself of this ailment leads him to the castle owned by mad scientist Dr. Frankenstein. Frankenstein, it turns out, is now dead, yet Talbot believes that the scientist’s daughter, Baroness Elsa Frankenstein (Ilona Massey), can help him. However, his quest to right himself puts him on a collision course with Frankenstein’s monster (Bela Lugosi).

USA, 1943, 74 minutes, Not Rated, Directed by Roy William Neill

Saturday Matinee Classics: HUSH…HUSH, SWEET CHARLOTTE
Saturday, October 10th at 12PM
Olivia de Havilland Tribute

Forty years ago, on the night they were meant to elope, Charlotte Hollis (Bette Davis) found her lover decapitated during a party, the blood on her dress leading everyone to suspect she was the murderer. Now, in 1964, Charlotte is an old recluse and must fight to keep her home. She enlists the help of her cousin Velma (Olivia de Havilland), who was there at the time of the murder. However, soon after Velma’s arrival, Charlotte’s mind becomes unstable, and she starts seeing her dead lover’s head.

USA, 1964, 133 minutes, Not Rated, Directed by Robert Aldrich

Midnight Movies: BLOOD FEAST
Saturday, October 10th at 11:59PM
In the sleepy suburbs of Miami, seemingly normal Egyptian immigrant Fuad Ramses (Mal Arnold) runs a successful catering business. He also murders young women and plans to use their body parts to revive the goddess Ishtar. The insane Ramses hypnotizes a socialite in order to land a job catering a party for her debutante daughter, Suzette Fremont (Connie Mason), and turns the event into an evening of gruesome deaths, bloody dismemberment and ritual sacrifice.

USA, 1963, 67 minutes, Not Rated, Directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis

Cult Classics: THE BLOB
Tuesday, October 13th at 9:30PM
In a tiny California town, high school students Brian (Kevin Dillon), Meg (Shawnee Smith) and Paul (Donovan Leitch) discover a strange, gelatinous substance that melts the flesh of any living creatures in its path. The deadly substance gets into the town’s sewer system, where it begins growing uncontrollably, occasionally emerging to feast on unsuspecting townspeople. A military clean-up crew is sent to eliminate the menace, but it may end up doing more harm than good.

USA, 1988, 95 minutes, Rated R, Directed by Chuck Russell

Book to Big Screen: THE HAUNTING
Saturday, October 17th at 11AM
In Partnership with Rollins College Master of Liberal Studies
Stay after the screening for a discussion on Shirley Jackson’s original novel, led by Dr. Jill Jones of Rollins College’s English Department, who regularly lectures on American Literature and popular culture.

Dr. John Markway, an anthropologist with an interest in psychic phenomena, takes two specially selected women to Hill House, a reportedly haunted mansion. Eleanor (Julie Harris), a lonely, eccentric woman with a supernatural event in her past, and the bold Theodora (Claire Bloom), who has ESP, join John and the mansion’s heir, cynical Luke (Russ Tamblyn). They are immediately overwhelmed by strange sounds and events, and Eleanor comes to believe the house is alive and speaking directly to her.

UK, 1963, 112 minutes, Rated G, Directed by Robert Wise

Midnight Movies: PUPPET MASTER II
Saturday, October 17th at 11:59PM
You can’t keep a good man down or a Puppet Master buried as Tunneler, Leech Woman, Pinhead and the rest of the puppets return to exhume their beloved creator in Puppet Master II, the sequel to the hit horrorfest, Puppet Master. This time, the little devils are after the special fluid that keeps them alive, which is only found in…You guessed it…human brains.

USA, 1990, 88 minutes, Rated R, Directed by David Allen

Monday, October 19th at 9:30PM
In Partnership with Park Ave CDs, WPRK, and Performing Arts Matter
Come early to hear live music at Eden Bar from 6:30-9:30PM, courtesy of Performing Arts Matter!

Evil Judge Turpin (Alan Rickman) lusts for the beautiful wife of a London barber (Johnny Depp) and transports him to Australia for a crime he did not commit. Returning after 15 years and calling himself Sweeney Todd, the now-mad man vows revenge, applying his razor to unlucky customers and shuttling the bodies down to Mrs. Lovett (Helena Bonham Carter), who uses them in her meat-pie shop. Though many fall to his blade, he will not be satisfied until he slits Turpin’s throat.

USA | UK, 2007, 116 minutes, Rated R, Directed by Tim Burton

Cult Classics: THE THING
Tuesday, October 20th at 9:30PM

Wilford Brimley Tribute

In remote Antarctica, a group of American research scientists are disturbed at their base camp by a helicopter shooting at a sled dog. When they take in the dog, it brutally attacks both human beings and canines in the camp and they discover that the beast can assume the shape of its victims. A resourceful helicopter pilot (Kurt Russell) and the camp doctor (Richard Dysart) lead the camp crew in a desperate, gory battle against the vicious creature before it picks them all off, one by one.

USA, 1982, 109 minutes, Rated R, Directed by John Carpenter

Popcorn Flicks in the Park: HOCUS POCUS
Thursday, October 22nd at 7PM
Presented by Computer Business Consultants, Inc

This film is a bonus, pop-up park screening we’ve added to our Popcorn Flicks series, which is FREE and open to the public!

This screening takes place at Ward Park

Address: 250 Perth Lane, Winter Park

Advanced registration is requested. Check back here for the RSVP link to reserve your free, socially-distanced, 10’x10′ movie space. Up to 6 people per party.

Attendees are encouraged to participate in the Curbside To-Go program to grab a meal to enjoy in the park during the movie. City staff will be present to remind attendees to keep a safe social distance. Masks are encouraged and hand washing stations will be available. No popcorn will be handed out at this event in an effort to minimize contact. A list of participating Curbside To-Go restaurants can be found here.

After moving to Salem, Mass., teenager Max Dennison (Omri Katz) explores an abandoned house with his sister Dani (Thora Birch) and their new friend, Allison (Vinessa Shaw). After dismissing a story Allison tells as superstitious, Max accidentally frees a coven of evil witches (Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kathy Najimy) who used to live in the house. Now, with the help of a magical cat, the kids must steal the witches’ book of spells to stop them from becoming immortal.

USA, 1993, 96 minutes, Rated PG, Directed by Kenny Ortega

National Theatre Live: FRANKENSTEIN
Saturday, October 24th at 11AM
In Partnership with Annie Russell Theatre

Captured live in 2011 from the National Theatre stage in London, this thrilling, sold-out production became an international sensation, experienced by almost half a million people in cinemas around the world.

Directed by Academy Award®-winner Danny Boyle (Trainspotting, Slumdog Millionaire), Frankenstein features Benedict Cumberbatch (Hamlet, BBC’s Sherlock) as The Creature and Jonny Lee Miller (Elementary, Trainspotting) as Victor Frankenstein.

Childlike in his innocence but grotesque in form, Frankenstein’s bewildered creature is cast out into a hostile universe by his horror-struck maker. Meeting with cruelty wherever he goes, the increasingly desperate and vengeful Creature determines to track down his creator and strike a terrifying deal.

Scientific responsibility, parental neglect, cognitive development and the nature of good and evil, are embedded within this thrilling and deeply disturbing classic tale.
2011, 140 minutes

Saturday, October 24th at 11:59PM

3 horny nerds, 2 sorority sisters, and 1 badass biker chick unleash a mischievous imp after breaking into a bowling alley as part of a sorority initiation. Why has a thousand-year-old imp been imprisoned in a bowling trophy? Who cares? It’s better just to sit back, grab a cold brew, and enjoy this hilarious horror-comedy, which became a cult classic to a generation of VHS and cable fans thanks to its schlock aesthetics, PORKYS-style T&A, and a pitch-perfect lead performance by ‘80s horror goddess Linnea Quigley (NIGHT OF THE DEMONS, RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD).
USA, 1988, 80 minutes, Rated R, Directed by David DeCoteau

Sunday, October 25th at 12PM
Presented by Dorman Financial Management

FREE for kids 12 & under!

The plucky characters from a series of animated shorts, Wallace (Peter Sallis) and his dog, Gromit, make their feature debut here. After starting a pest control business, the duo soon lands a job from the alluring Lady Tottington (Helena Bonham Carter) to stop a giant rabbit from destroying the town‘s crops. Both Wallace and the stuffy Victor (Ralph Fiennes) vie for the lady’s affections. If Wallace wants to please his pretty client, and best Victor, he needs to capture that pesky bunny.

UK | USA, 2005, 85 minutes, Rated G, Directed by Steve Box and Nick Park
Tuesday, October 27th at 9:30PM

During a hallucinatory incident, young Kristen Parker (Patricia Arquette) has her wrists slashed by dream-stalking monster Freddy Krueger (Robert Englund). Her mother, mistaking the wounds for a suicide attempt, sends Kristen to a psychiatric ward, where she joins a group of similarly troubled teens. One of the doctors there is Nancy Thompson (Heather Langenkamp), who had battled Freddy some years before. Nancy senses a potential in Kristen to rid the world of Freddy once and for all.

USA, 1987, 96 minutes, Rated R, Directed by Chuck Russell
Midnight Movies: DEEP RED
Saturday, October 31st at 11:30PM
Italian Cut

A psychic medium (Macha Méril) is brutally murdered, and musician Marcus Daly (David Hemmings) feels a need to solve the case, since he was the one who discovered the body. Working with him is reporter Gianna Brezzi (Daria Nicolodi), who hopes for a big scoop by solving the case. When one of Marcus’s own friends ends up murdered at the hands of the same killer, the resourceful pair realize they must work fast to uncover the murderer’s identity or they might serve as the maniac’s next victims.

Italy, 1975, 127 minutes, Rated R, Directed by Dario Argento

COCKTAILS:        Brain Disintegrator – $10
(Mars Attacks! Cocktail)
Feel your mind starting to disintegrate with this tropical blend of Shipwreck coconut rum, Midori melon liqueur, lime juice, and pineapple juice.

Wolfsbane – $11
(Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man Cocktail)
Everybody has their weakness and, if you’ve ever howled at the moon, this could be yours. Ginger spice whiskey with orange zest and thyme syrup, and a dash of bitters.

Dirty Little Affairs – $10
(Hush…Hush, Sweet Charlotte Cocktail)
This nightcap could get you in trouble. You might start an affair or even commit a murder! Iced coffee with Cask & Crew Walnut Toffee whiskey, Bailey’s Irish cream and a splash of cherry juice.

Blood Spritz – $10
(Blood Feast Cocktail)
Nobody wants to be slowed down at the start of a killing spree, so keep it light with this spritz. Aperol, Wycliff sparkling wine, and club soda with a little cherry juice for color. Happy hunting!!

Basic Slice and Dice – $10
(The Blob Cocktail)
Slicing and Dicing seems like a good plan when you are trying to kill an alien life form that cannot be stopped. Vodka, triple sec, lime juice, and cranberry juice topped with your own piece of “The Blob.”

Hill House – $10
(The Haunting Cocktail)
A few of these and you will think characters in our mural are talking to you… and they just might be! Uncle Val’s Gin, Aperol, lime juice, and charcoal syrup to help keep things dark.

Torch – $10
(Puppet Master II Cocktail)
Protect yourself from getting your brain fluid extracted by consuming this spicy remedy. Old Grandadwhiskey, lemon juice, and jalapeño syrup topped with merlot.

Pirelli’s Miracle Elixir – $11
(Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street Cocktail)
This elixir won’t save you from a close shave from Sweeney Todd, but it might help numb the pain for a bit. Appleton Signature Rum, pumpkin spice syrup, and a couple of dashes of chocolate mole bitters.

40 Below Zero – $12
(The Thing Cocktail)
If you need something to keep yourself warm when it is 40 below here is our suggestion: Cask & Crew Orange Roasted whiskey, del Maguey Mezcal, sweet vermouth, and angostura bitters served in a smoked glass.

Slime-O-Rita – $10
(Sorority Babes and the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama)
Just what the sorority sisters ordered, a margarita to match their favorite color, slime green. Espolòn Blanco Tequila, Midori melon liqueur, lime juice, and simple syrup.

24 Carrot Gold – $10
(Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit Cocktail)
How do you catch a Were-Rabbit? With really good bait! Ours is a combination of Cask & Crew Walnut Toffee whiskey, Bailey’s Irish Cream, and Frangelico Liqueur.

Rich and Psychotic – $10
(A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors Cocktail)
This twisted combination of Espolòn Blanco Tequila, Berina Elderflower liqueur, lemon juice, and dry vermouth will keep your taste buds guessing as you lay yourself down to sleep. Sweet Dreams!

Prick of a Thorn – $10
(Deep Red Cocktail)
Invited to stay at a haunted mansion? Let’s hope you had the chance to get a few of these in you to calm your nerves. Gordon’s Gin, Campari, sweet vermouth, and Rosemary syrup.

WHERE:              Enzian Theater & Eden Bar, 1300 South Orlando Avenue, Maitland, FL 32751
Central Park, Winter Park, 251 S. Park Avenue, Winter Park, FL 32789 (For Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man screening)
Ward Park, Winter Park, 250 Perth Lane, Winter Park, FL 32792 (For Hocus Pocus screening)

INFO:                   Enzian is Central Florida’s only full-time, not-for-profit cinema for first-run independent and international film, classic revivals, documentary features, and select family entertainment. Enzian, a member-supported organization serving the community for more than 35 years, is home to the Florida Film Festival and Eden Bar. For additional information, visit Enzian.org or call general information at (407) 629-1088.

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