Activity Review – UCF Arboretum Walking Trail

By Nathan Wertheimer

Recently, I took a trip and visited the UCF Arboretum in East Orlando. Enjoy real Florida in our back yard. Visitors will find many sights and sounds to see on the trail. The trail is open year around from dusk to dawn.

It is a short drive from Downtown Orlando to the UCF main campus. Check your GPS for the best route there. Once on the campus head towards Spectrum Stadium, which is around the same area. Look for signs directing vehicles to the Arboretum.

Sorry, visitors can’t park their vehicle at the main UCF Arboretum gate. Visitor’s can park their vehicle in Parking Garage C and pay the kiosk for $5 daily parking. The machine takes exact cash and or credit card. Once you have paid, please place the printed paid daily parking pass on the driver’s side windshield. UCF parking enforcement is around checking to make sure vehicles have parking pass and or permit. The Arboretum address is located at 4312 Scorpius Street, Orlando, Florida 32816. There is a sign marked “UCF Arboretum.”

Before going to the UCF Arboretum here are some things you need to know. It is recommended to go on a nice sunny and or over cast day. When there is too much rain some parts of the trail maybe flooded, which will be unable to walk through. Dress comfortably. Here are some things to bring on the trail, which a camera and or binoculars, and a canteen filled with water. Don’t forget to wear bug repellant too.

Here are some safety tips while on the trail. Please do not disturb any plants, trees, and wild life. Visitors may come across some venomous snake of Florida. Do not engage in contact with these snakes.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, UCF has posted this information on their website. It states, [While campus looks a bit different these days, UCF is committed to the health and well-being of all Knights. Physical distancing and face coverings are required on campus to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Students, employees and visitors must also monitor their symptoms through the COVID Self-Checker before arriving on campus.]

Here are some brief facts about the UCF Arboretum. This place covers 80 acres on the main campus of UCF, which contains more than 600 species of plants, including more than 100 bromeliads, and much more.

On my trip there, here is what I observed. The front gate to the Arboretum was locked so I walked around it. No problem. Some trails were slightly flooded with water making it impassable to get through. This was because of the amount of rain we had this past week. While on the trail, I only saw I maintenance worker on a golf cart driving by. I took many photos along the trail of plants, trees, the lake, and cloudscape. The highlight was seeing one lonely cactus plant on the trail. I did not say any animals out roaming during the day. One would notice markers on the trail with numbers. It was very peaceful out there. One never knows what they will see at the Arboretum.

Overall, I enjoyed walking through the Arboretum. This is a great place to learn more about nature for the entire family. For more information on this place please visit

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