Product Review – Reiko Cell Phone Pouch-Holder-Case

By Robert Voss
Independent Reviewer

Need a good quality cell phone pouch-holder to use in your daily life? Then check out the Reiko Cell Phone Pouch-Holder-Case. This is not the first product I have purchased from this company. I have owned several.

Recently, I re-purchased this product at the Orlando Outdoor Market at Central Florida Fairgrounds in Orlando. Look for the cell phone accessory booth located on the Southside along the fence line at the market. This booth has a large selection of cell phone cases at great prices. A market vendor informed me that prices maybe going up due to COVID-19 pandemic.

There are many cheap to high quality cell phone cases in the market place. Shoppers should beware. I have seen cheap leather cases that will only hold up for a short amount of time because they are made out of cardboard and faux leather

The product model number is PH01B-643507BK and the UPC number is 8-85249-82044, and is case attached cardboard backing. Sorry, they are not individually wrapped in plastic. This product retails for around $6-$15 plus tax/shipping.

Who is the Reiko Company? Their company website states [Since 2001, Reiko Wireless Inc. is a leading factory-direct seller to becoming one of the biggest wholesalers for cell phone accessory and gadget. We have been proudly offering thousands of accessories for all the top brands such as Apple, BlackBerry, HTC, LG, Motorola, Samsung, and many more. Our most popular accessories include cell phone pouches/covers/chargers, Apple certified accessories, and Bluetooth headsets.]

This product was designed in the United States and made in China. Overall the product is made of heavy fabric, plastic fasteners, Velcro, metal belt clip, and has elastic band. The product measures 6.44×3.49×0.73

What size cell phone does this model hold? It can comfortably hold a Samsung Galaxy S8 with an Otter Box skin and a Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime with a plastic casing. Plus, it can hold any cell phone measuring approximately 3.50x 6.50×0.625

Overall, this is a durable product for everyday life. Expect this product to last about six months to one year depending on use. I highly recommend this product over the national cell phone case brands. For more information please visit

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