Activity Review – Fishing and Swimming at Blue Springs State Park

By Nathan Wertheimer

Are you planning a visit to Blue Springs State Park in Orange City, Florida? Then continue reading this article. This is one popular Florida State Park.  It is worth the drive to see it. Make it a day with nature!

To enjoy your day at this park here are some tips. Check the weather to make sure it will be a good sunny day. Pre-pack your vehicle with everything you need. The most important items are sunscreen, food/snacks, beverages, beach towels, and dress comfortably, and anything else you’ll need.

When planning to visit this park one must arrive early, before the gates open at 8am on the weekends. A long line of vehicle is formed to enter park. We arrived about twenty minutes before the gates opened. It took a friend and myself about 30-45 minutes to pay at the Ranger Station. Once the park reaches capacity then the park is closed to more guests trying to get in.

Admission to this park is $6 per vehicle with 2-6 people, single vehicle are only $4. They only take exact cash, credit card, and pre-paid only. It is recommended to pre-paid and or has exact cash to make the line go faster. The credit card processing is very slow.

After paying we drove toward the two parking lots. I choose the closest parking lot to the swimming and restroom areas. There were four handicap spaces where we parked and the rest were regular parking spaces. Don’t forget to lock and secure your valuables inside your vehicle. The park is not responsible for any theft and content within your vehicle.

Once we parked the vehicle, gathered our things and headed to the swimming area. It is advised not to leave your personal belongs unattended. There is a chance someone may steal your contents at the picnic table. There are no lifeguards or security patrolling the area except for the FWC Law Enforcement Officers. When entering the water it will be seventy-two degrees all year round. It is cold to most people. Swimmers are asked to stay inside of the buoys. Signs are clearly marked.

After swimming, my friend and I decided to go fishing. One must a valid State of Florida license to fishing in freshwater. Fishing can only be done on certain selection locations at the park. There was limited fishing on the dock on the St. Johns River.

On this day we visited, we did not catch anything. However, we still had fun. Plus, we did see an injured manatee that swim on by the dock. One never knows what they will see.

Overall, we had a great time. Bring your family and friends to this park. Make a day of fun at Blue Springs State Park. For more information please visit

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