Product Review – Febreze Light Car Sea Spray Air Scent Device

By Robert Voss
Independent Reviewer

Does your vehicle smell bad? Then check out the Febreze Car Sea Spray Air Scent. This a car air freshener product which can be mounted anywhere in your vehicle. Most consumers place the air scent on the front of the A/C vents as suggested by the manufacturer. This product should not be placed in places of heat and direct sunlight. Give it a try and see it for yourself.

What is Febreze brand? This is an American air freshener product, which is made and produced by Proctor & Gamble (P&G) in Mexico. For more information on this brand please visit .

There are other air fresheners out in the market too. Here are some other brands that compete with Febreze. They are Glade, Lysol, Air Wick, Ambi Pur, and much more. My review is only based on this product and not the competitors.

This product was purchased at my local Central Florida Wal-Mart for around $4.94 plus tax. Other big box retail stores sell it too. The UPC code is 0-37000-63881-0. Look for this product in the cleaning aisle at your local retail store.

On the packaging it claims there is no heavy perfumes.  Plus, it is formulated with no phthalates, no dyes, and no formaldehyde. The ingredient inside this unit product does have fragrances and allergens. There are other scents that Febreze carry, they are Morning & Dew, Bamboo, Gain Honey Berry Hula, Heavy Duty Pet Odor Eliminator, Forest, Lilac & Violet, Peony & Cedar, Fresh Cut Pine, Unstopables CAR Fresh, Old Spice, Platinum Ice, Downy April Fresh, Fresh-Twist Cranberry, Bora Bora, Whispering Woods, Hawaiian Aloha, Gain Moonlight Breeze, Gain Island Fresh, First Bloom, and much more. Not all retails will have all the variety stocked on the shelves.

This product is made of a plastic housing with a liquid scent inside. Two scent device clips come in one packaging. There is a safety warning to keep this product out of reach of children. Some children may try to play with the air freshener, which it is not a toy. Plus, it is suggested by the manufacture to keep away from pets too. They might be sensitive to the scent.

There are directions on how to use this product, which is on the back of the packaging. Consumers should always read the product directions before use.

Overall, here is what I thought about this product. It was very strong so I had to adjust the dial in the open position. Next, I dialed it down to the lowest setting. Eventually, I placed the device in my vehicle trunk because it had a strong smell. I don’t have an issue with this product. Love the concept with the dial slider on the device. Use this product at your own risk. For more information on this product please visit . If you like this article, then like it on our Otownfun WordPress account. Also, join to be one of our followers at otownfun on WordPress. For more great events, places, and articles, please visit us at .

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