Match Maker – Central Florida Gentlemen looking for a Classy Lady

By Robert Voss

Match Maker is a featured article for . The person featured in this article has factual and accurate information in their profile. This person is seriously looking for love and has not found it yet. My co-worker and I decided to try this again by seeing how many classy ladies would want to date my co-worker from Central Florida.

He is a single/divorced white male in his early 40’s, 5’9 tall, athletic build, bald head, raised Jewish, grew up in Central Florida, grew up in a conservative family, is a gentleman, non-smoker, drug free, has two college degrees, works both as a Multimedia Journalist and in the Criminal Justice Field, warm personality, funny, analytical, creative, combination introvert-extrovert, open-minded, loyal, spiritual, program type of person, passionate about many causes, and much more.

Here is what he is looking for. One classy lady who is affectionate, has professional career, family-orientated, respectful, wants a family, loyal, open-minded, expresses her feelings, communicates well, lives within 20 miles of Downtown Orlando, is college educated with any degree, cares about the people around them, and has an active lifestyle.

He is very selective on who he dates. My co-worker is not a serial dater racking up points in his little black book. One must love them self before loving someone else. He has many hobbies and activities which include art/design, film/movies, outdoor activities, photography, attending festivals, watching some sports, fishing, travel, cruising on the high seas, variety of music, fitness, and much more.

Finally, he is a type of guy looking for adventure with a lovable partner. If you feel you think you would be a great match for he then please email us at . Describe and explain why you would like a chance to date my co-worker. Just be yourself and let it show. Also, please include a photo of yourself too. He is looking for a partner for life. There is no deadline or timetable. He would like to find a match as soon. If this article works we may consider featuring out single people out there in Central Florida too. Good luck!

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