Scams & Rip-Offs – Tinder Link Scam Experience

By Robert Voss

Today, on Tinder, I was browsing the many ladies who have an account. Then I found a white female named “Lyric” who is 35 years old, who either resides or is visiting the Metro Orlando area. She is into soccer, feminism, activism, and second-hand apparel. I thought she looked cute so I swiped right. Not knowing what was going to take place. My guard was always up.

The next that happened, I got a like from her and then I started messaging her. I sent a message to Lyric, which stated, “Hi Lyric, how are you doing today? Great weather for this weekend. I hope to chat with you soon.” Then she replied back within a few minutes.

We exchange a few messages. She asked if I was looking for a causal relationship. I said I was open to it. She stated she was new to this dating application. Next, she asked me for my phone number so I gave it to her. I asked a few questions in between but did not get answer or she just ignored it.

Then is when she removed her profile from the message section and then I started receiving a text messages from her. She stated in several text messages, “Fine, I put my account in private, I don’t want my co-workers to see me on a dating app Imao.” Then she goes on to ask what city I live in. Next, she states, It’s near, I think we’re 25 minutes out.  The clue in this text was “we’re.” It is unknown why she would state that. I don’t know whom she is referring too.

Next, she goes into her background with “I broke up few weeks ago, to be honest I’d just like to have some fun. I hope I’m not on the wrong app for that haha.” Another question was have I ever met another lady on Tinder before. I explained no.

Here is where it takes a turn. She states, “You could still come at my place, I got a lot of beer in the fridge.” What about tonight? I don’t work till Monday and I’m taken tomorrow. I can pick you up but you would own me a big massage.” Next, she text message a link for . Do not click on this link! Once we got to this point, I ended all text messaging with her.

What is It is believe to be a bogus website which acts like similar named website. Don’t be fooled.  Always do your research before clicking on any link.

Finally, I have never experience this type of scam before that I can remember. Please be ware of this type of scam when communicating with people you don’t know. You could fall into a strap. Plus, never send money or go to a third party website to sign-up for verification.

If you end up with this type of scam please report it to Tinder just a soon as possible. It will be investigated and action could take place against the individual and or company involved. Stay safe on the Internet.

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