Product Review – Athletic Works Wide Waist Trimmers

By Nathan Wertheimer

Independent Reviewer

Trying to loose weight in the right areas then continue reading this article. About month ago, I purchased two Athletic Works Wide Waist Trimmer sizes at my local Wal-Mart Store in Central Florida.

What is Athletics Works brand? This is an exclusive brand made for Wal-Mart. They have other product under the same brand in active wear, shoes, accessories, sporting equipment, and much more.

I purchased this product because of my co-worker who used to work at one of the largest gym chains in the nation and said he highly recommended this product. Plus, he had used this product for workouts and for mowing his grass too.

This is one product I could not wait to try. I usually exercise 3-5 times a week doing cardio and weight strengthening. While exercising, I noticed I started sweating about 20 minute into my 30-50 minute workout. By the end of my workout, I removed the wide waist trimmers on my chest and stomach area from my body and was dripping with sweat. Note consumers may have different results.

One can find this product on the gym equipment section at Wal-Mart. I almost did not buy this product because it had a female on the front of the box. Don’t let that stop you guys. One size does fit all between 30-40 body sizes. They manufacture bigger sizes as well.

8” Athletic Works Wide Waist Trimmer – UPC #0-22643-00393-4, Model #Gray 05-0393W

10” Athletic Works Wide Waist Trimmer – UPC #0-22643-90396-8, Model #Black 05-0396W

Here are the product features, which are:
• Promotes sweating in targeted areas

• Designed to retain body heat and provide compression

• Made of comfortable neoprene fabric

• Grip-strip closure adjusts to fit most sizes

• Comes in either gray or black

• Some product material may cause cancer and or reproductive harm. Refer to

• Product made in China

There are cleaning instructions on the product box. It states to hand wash only. Do not bleach. Line Dry. Do not use dryer. Do not iron. Once I get finish my work out, I head to the bathroom to take off both waist trimmers and separately clean each waist trimmer with plain water from the bathroom sink. Then let it hang dry in the bathtub.

Finally, I truly recommend this product. I can see small results right away with this product. Eventually, I believe I will get the results that I want. The life span of this product may last about a year or more it taken of. This will depend on you. Always consult your physician before doing any exercise program.

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