Scams & Rip-Offs – Received an email from Joe Miller from DomainWorld

By Robert Voss

Recently, I received an email from Joe Miller from and said it was an important notice in the subject line. Do not do anything until you have read this article about DomainWorld. I am not the first person to receive this email. When I got this email, I thought I have never heard of this website before. My domain is registered with a national known company. Why would a third party take over a task of collecting money for active website domain? This is when I started my investigation into this phishing scam.

The email states “expiration message of your (domain name) along with expiration notification. Next, it says, “Click here for secure online payment (with a link provided). Then it states, “This purchase expiration notification of (your domain name) advises you  about the submission expiration of domain (your domain name) for e-book submission.”

“The information in this purchase expiration notification of (your domain name) may contain CONFIDENTINAL AND/OR LEGALLY PRIVILEGED INFORMATION from the processing department to purchase our e-book submission. NON-COMPLETION of your submission by the given expiration date may result in CANCELLATION of the purchase.”

“Click here for secure online payment (provided link).” Do not click on this link!

“ACT IMMEDIATELY. The submission notification (your domain name) for your e-book will EXPIRE WITHIN 2 DAYS after reception of this email. This notification is intended only for the use of the individual(s) having received this message. PLEASE CLICK ON SECURE ONLINE PAYMENT TO COMPLETE YOUR PAYMENT (along with provided link)”

“Non-completion of your submission by given expiration date may result in cancellation. All online services will be restored automatically upon confirmation of payment. Delivery will be completed within 24 hours. SECURE ONLINE PAYMENT (link provided).”

The link provided takes viewers to a “Registration” with the headline reading “Go Domain.” Next, the sub headline states, “important expiration notification of you domain.” They misspelled the word that should be “your.”

Then it lists your actual domain you own. They want victims to pick a plan and pay this company. The prices range from $86 – $449. On the bottom of the website it has a bunch of company logos to make it look legit. These companies are VertiSign Secured, GeoTrust Secure Shopping, Norton Secured, Microsoft Gold Certified, PC World, Truste Certified Privacy, Comodo Authentic & Secure, Cnet Editors Choice, BBB A+, McAfee Secure, and PC Advisor. When you click on the “pay now” it takes viewers to a secure checkout page. Do NOT fill out the information and make a payment. The consumer will not get anything in return for this service that they claim to provide.

Who is ? This is a phony website without any legal and company information. It is believed that this website is being run outside of the United States.

If you think your domain name has expired then check you’re your domain name provider. Chances are you are still good and active. Don’t worry and ignore the DomainWorld email.

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