Activity Review – Drawing on location in Downtown Orlando Experience

By Nathan Wertheimer
Multimedia Journalist/Cartoonist

Orlando, FL — You may have seen a guy dressed up in white shirt and black pants in a uniform sitting in a folding chair drawing on location somewhere in Downtown Orlando. That guy is I. Some people have who noticed me. You might curious what I am drawing and why?

What people don’t know about me is that I have Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Art and Design. It had been awhile since I have created any artwork and trying to get back into the swing of things. So I decided to take my art studio out to the streets of Downtown Orlando. My goal is to create artwork on location in Orlando once a week to reduce stress in my life and to publish my cartoon scenes at some point. It feels good and puts my mind in a relax state.

How did I get this idea to create art on site? Well, this started in my High School Art Class. My Art Class was planning a study abroad trip to Europe. To get ready for that trip overseas, my art teacher took the entire class out in the field for the day to draw-paint on location. Some of the places we went too were Sea World Orlando and Park Avenue in Winter Park just to name a few. This is something that most art students have never experienced before. What an experience it was. I ended up not going to Europe with the class for many reasons. I was glad to had an opportunity to create artwork on location with my class.

From what I could remember many years ago from creating artwork on location was the freedom to draw and paint landscapes/architecture scenes along with the interaction from the general public. Many people were intrigued. Even children wanted to see what the art students were doing. Some people asked a few questions, which was fine. It was so much fun.

Currently, I am creating local scenes for my current and new cartoon series on . Stay tuned! Plus, I want to interact with the general public. Just looking for feedback and comments from the public. However, I have observed some people just ignoring me and walking on by. That is ok. Even a few people have encouraged my creativity too. I appreciate the positive comments. This world needs more artists and artwork on display for all to see.

What does it take to be an artist on location in Downtown Orlando? It doesn’t matter your artistic skill set whether you’re a beginner or professional. All it takes is practice, practice, and practice. Challenge yourself and see what you come up with. If it doesn’t look right then make it into something else. No one says it has to be an exact realistic copy of it. This is where your creativity comes in. There are no creative rules to follow. Make your own! I broke every artistic rule there is of mankind.

Before going out on location please check the day’s weather. Then pack your supplies what you need. Don’t forget to bring a sports folding chair, clipboard with a few clips, sketch paper, a supply case with pencils, easier, small ruler, and anything else you need. Plus, pack food and a drink if needed.

Once in Downtown Orlando, scout for a location to setup shop. Be respectful of people around you. If you feel it is unsafe then do not stay in that area and move on. Please be mindful of private property. The sidewalk is the right of way and people should not kick you off the sidewalk. Plus, do not block the sidewalk with your folding chair so other people can walk on by.

The time frame to create your own artwork is about 1-2 hour on your time. Leave anytime you want. This is a great activity for people who work in an office to get out to relax and have a change of thinking. I highly recommend it.

Most scenes can be sketched within average of 10-15 minutes each. There is no time limit. If you need more time to sketch then stay or return at another time. Just don’t rush through it. Also, don’t forget to take a photo of the scene of what your drawing. You might make modifications from the photograph at home.

Finally, come experience what is like to be an artist working on location for an one or the day. Many people can’t say they done it before. Plus, you’ll have a great piece of artwork to hang in your home, office, and or cubical area after completion. Take your time and be proud. If I can do it, so can you! What are you waiting for Central Florida? If you have any questions please contact me at .

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Coronavirus Guy standing next to the Jack Kanstanza Star in Downtown Orlando, created by Cartoonist Nathan Wertheimer

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