Product Review – Series 8 fitness Ultra Light Digital Body Scale

By Nathan Wertheimer
Independent Reviewer

If you are shopping for a new body scale then continue reading my article. Then consider buying and using the Series 8 fitness Ultra Light Digital Body Scale by 1616 Holdings. Not all scales are the same. Do your own homework before buying any scale.

Recently, I was in the market for an in-expensive body scale so I went to my local 5 Below Store in Central Florida and purchased product for just $5 plus tax. The UPC number is 1-92234-00740-2 and the model number is SDE-2002. Consumers can find this product in Five Below in the exercise/sports section of the store. Other places this product has been found on eBay and Amazon too. Amazon sells the same product for $12.99.

There are other similar products out on the market range from $11.99 – $79.99+. This is a great bargain for this body scale. Shoppers will find other products out on the market with brands such as Balanceform, Ozeri, Homedics, Sharper Image, Taylor, and much more. Some body scales have more features than others. Do you need all the bells and whistles for a body scale? Most people don’t. A simple body scale will work for your entire family.

Who is 1616 Holdings, Inc? This company is known as Five Below out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Series 8 Fitness is an in-house brand made only for Five Below stores only. There is more Series 8 Fitness equipment with this brand on it. They sell other equipment, which as full body massager, fitness & yoga ball, yoga mats, and much more.

Here are the product specs:
• Glass platforms: 10.25in x 10.25in
• High precision strain gauge sensor
• Capacity: 11-400 LB (5-180KG)
• The accuracy of reading is within 1.1LB (0.5KG) tolerance range
• LCD screen 1 in x 1.75in
• Requires 2 (two) 1.5V Alkaline AAA batteries (not included)
• Step on type digital body scale
• Low profile
• Auto on/off
• Skid proof design

Product packaging posted a disclaimer. It states [WARNING: Prior to starting any exercise program or if you have sustained an injury you should consult a physician.]

This product is made with glass and heavy-duty plastic, and has two plastic feet with rubber on the bottom. Product is made in China. Just take the scale out of the box and use it. Consumer may have to change the KG to LB setting, which is located on the bottom of the scale. Always read the product direction before use.

Finally, I was very excited to use this product to see how much I weight and keep track. So far I love it for the price. The only concern I have if the glass breaks. For more information on this product please visit

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Information from actual product, first hand experience, and 5 Below

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