Off Topic – Free Phone Fest Text Message from Metro T-Mobile

By Robert Voss

If you are a Metro T-Mobile customer then you may have received this text message. Here is what the message stated [FREE phone fest at Metro! For a limited time, score a smartphone on us, like the Samsung Galaxy J2 Core, LG Aristo 4+, or the Motorola Moto e6. Hurry—offer ends 1/7/21, So check it out today: .]

I visited a Metro T-Mobile store in Central Florida and inquired about this deal. I currently own and use a Samsung Galaxy J7 Core. It is two and half years old and still running strong. The store associate did not recommend that I upgrade my smartphone to one of the promotional cell phones. These cell phones are considered entry level. This is something I did not know. Why would I want do downgrade to a lower level smartphone?

There reason for this promotion was that Metro T-Mobile had a back stock of old style smartphones that they needed to unload for the new styles coming out soon.

When click on the promotional link about it takes viewers to a special web page. The web page reads [Limited-Time Offer Free Phone Fiesta. Choose from tons of Free phones from top brands. But don’t wait. This upgrade offer ends soon.] For some customers these phone are not an upgrade. However, these smartphones are great for teenagers and seniors on a fix income.  

The promotion disclaimer reads, [Free upgrade: Customer eligibility for this offer requires at least 180 plus days since prior upgrade. 1per subscriber. Plus sales tax and activation fee. Off available in-store only. ID validation required. Availability varies by location, while supplies last.]

If you purchase one of these free smartphones along with activation than your cost will be around $22 with tax. Not a bad deal. Customers can save between $109 – $159 just on the smartphone alone.

Please remember that what you see for sale on the website may not be in stock at all locations. Here is a list of smartphones, which they may have in stock. They are the Moto e6, Samsung Galaxy J2, LG Aristo 4+, LG Aristro 3+, Moto e5 Play, Alcatel 1X Evolve, and Foxx D Miro. Brands and models are subject to change without notice. If you are in the market for a new smartphone then act now on this deal. Once they are gone. They are gone. Good luck

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