Off Topic – A List of 50+ Dating Red Flags

By Robert Voss

I wrote this topic because some people do not understand dating red flags on a date.

One will notice many warning sign of their date’s behavior. Pay attention to these dating red flags. If you see many red flags appear then please reevaluate your relationship with that person. No one wants to get married and have an unhappy marriage that ends in divorce. These dating red flags are in random order.

  1. Your date tells you stories that are not true. You find out from other sources that their story never happened. Maybe your date was trying to impress you.

  2. Your date stares at your chest area and or your crotch area. Your focus should be on their eye and not any other body parts. This is considered being rude. There is a time for that later on in your relationship.

  3. Your date will not share anything with you. For example, you want to taste one potatoes chip and your date refuses to even give you just one. They are so very kind. Not! They are being selfish.

  4. Your date lives a double life. They seem normal to you however; they are seeing more people behind your back. Not being honest with you. What are they hiding?

  5. Your date promises to deliver on their promise and never happens. For example, your date says I will pay the next time. When the next time happens, the date doesn’t pay and you get stuck with the bill. Poor memory on their part. They must be saving up on something else on the side for them selves.

  6. Your date is very cold to you. They never warm up over several dates. Now they are taking advantage of your companionship. It is time to move on.

  7. Your date is at your home and takes items from your home without asking. This shows that they are really needy and are not respectful to you and your personal things at home. All they had to do was ask nicely. They must be entitled to everything they see.

  8. Your date never wants to do an activity you like to do. You always do an activity they like to do. It doesn’t seem like they want compromise. One can’t always have their way. Sometimes you have to tag along too.

  9. Your date turns on the vehicle stereo system without asking you. If it is not your property then don’t touch it. Always ask for permission before touching some else’s property. You would want to same respect in return.

  10. Your date always comes over to your place. However, your date never invite’s you over to theirs. What are they hiding from you? Are they living with their parents, have a messy place, or have a bad taste for home décor. One will never know. I guess they feel more comfortable at your place.

  11.  Your date eats like a pig at a restaurant. They have never seen food before. I suggest that they eat a snack before going out on a date with you.

  12. Your date ordered the most expensive item on the menu at a restaurant. You get stuck and have to pay for it. Is that really considerate? No, they think you are loaded with money. Think again!

  13. Your date smokes in your face. You are a non-smoker. For smokers, there is a time and a place to smoke alone. Be respectful to others around you.

  14. Your date does not make your date feel special. They always think of themselves before anyone else. Do they care about you? Probably not! Run for the hills.

  15. You hear gossip surrounding your date. Some of it maybe true and others are made up. Are some people jealous of your relationship? This is for you to decide.

  16. Your date invites you to their religious service even though you have not dated them for awhile. It maybe too early in the relationship to invite someone to his or her religious service. Save it for later in the relationship.

  17. Your date bring up a conversation on sex. It maybe too early in the relationship for sex at that point. I suggest don’t bring it up until everyone is comfortable with each other.

  18. You give your date flowers, candy, etc. You never get anything in return for being nice. You always think about them. They never think about doing anything for you. Wow, they are into themselves.

  19. Your date already talks about their ex-boyfriend and or ex-girlfriend on date. If they are always talking about their ex then you’re not ready to date you. Move on!

  20. Your date is always cancelling on you. Their excuse is I have a family emergency, my boss called me into work today; I’m having car problems, etc. The excuses are never ending. They don’t value your time. Time to move on!

  21. Your date has bad body odor. It is not pleasant. They may not be clean or take a shower daily. Run for the hills!

  22. Your date puts too much perfume and or cologne on themselves. It is very strong. They may not realize they are putting too much fragrance on themselves. Even people around you can smell it too. Just a little fragrance goes alone way.

  23. Your date makes many negative comments to you. They may not be happy with their life. Please encourage them to be more positive. No one wants to hear a downer.

  24. Your date has poor social skills. They do not know how to act around other people. It might be the way they were brought up.

  25. Your date is insecure about what other people think of them. They always ask you what are other people saying about them. Does it really matter? Everyone is always on stage in the real world. Be the best person you can on stage.

  26.  Your date likes to play games. They tell you we are just a friend and eventually tell you that those were dates. They can’t make up their mind whether they want a friendship or relationship. One can’t have it both ways. This person maybe indecisive. They don’t deserve you and you should find another suitable date.

  27. Your date doesn’t show you loyalty. It works both ways. This should not be one-sided relationship. Run for the hills!

  28. Your date always staring at their cell phone when you are in front of them. The date should be focused on you. They are waiting for that important phone call and or text. They maybe secretly dating another person or having   fling. Question them on it and see what answer you get.

  29. Your date is looking at other guys/girls while on your date. This is a clue they are a player and or just can’t focus on you. This maybe a problem in the future.

  30. You are having feelings for your date and they don’t have any feelings for you. Sound like there is no chemistry there. Why bother dating them anymore. Time to look for someone else who cares about you.

  31. Your date can’t make future plans with you. Sounds like they found someone else in their life. They just don’t want to hurt your feelings. Run for the hills!

  32. Your date and you are in their vehicle. Your date answers the cell phone over the speaker system for a personal phone call. The date failed to mention that you were on a date with another person inside the vehicle. How rude! That phone call must have been very important. Plus, they left you out of the conversation.

  33. Your date doesn’t love them self before they can love someone else. This is very true. Love is expressed from the heart. If not, they have no heart. Time to find someone else.

  34. Your date makes a point about you and it is wrong. Your date won’t accept your opinion. This person is not an open-minded individual! They are not open to new ideas and concerns.

  35. You find out your date is a serial dater. They will go out with you until they get bored and move on to another person. How do you like being used? They like to go through the revolving door with dates.

  36. Your date never expresses his or her feelings to you. Their feelings are all locked up inside. Wow! Hard to make a person feel good.

  37. Your date rarely talks about their family even though they have a big family. They may not have a close relationship with their parents. What are they hiding from you?

  38. Your date brings their office problems for you to you to try to solve. You are not a co-worker and have no clue what the problem is. Tell them to see their boss the next business day. This is not your headache.

  39. Your date asks for help on a project she/he is working on. You are not an expert in that subject matter. They leave you to do it alone. You try and fail to finish the project. They are just using you because they have more important things to do with their time.

  40. Your date touches you without permission. It is at the wrong time and place. It seems like they are in a loving mood and you are not. This shows they are not respectful towards you.

  41. Your date gives you insight into their dating habits. You find they have a hard time keeping long-term relationships. You suspect that they are really never happy with one person. Run for the hills.

  42. Your family and friends hint to you that the person you are dating is not right for you. Take their advice and leave that relationship.

  43. You are having health issues surrounding your date’s relationship. This is a sign your relationship is not good for many reasons. Run for the hills.

  44. Your date is late for a date. It is ok to be 5-10 late. Your date should call you if they are running late as a courtesy. If they are late by 20-30 minutes then call off the date. Your time is just as valuable as theirs.

  45. You wait for your date at a specific location. They have not arrived yet. They called to see what you are wearing. They drive the place and see you, but you don’t see them. Finally, they text you they are not feeling up to meeting you. Wow! They just blow you off. What a great surprise. Being dumped on the first date. Well, no more dates for them.

  46. Your date does not have proper manners around you. Everyone needs to be a lady and or a gentleman when out in public. You are always on stage in public.Your date and you meet up with a bunch of friends. Your date asks very direct questions to your friends that she/he has never met. They feel uncomfortable about being questioned. Certain questions should never be asked when meeting someone for the first time. Hold the questions for another time.

  47. Your date and you argue too much. It is the battle of the wills. Both of you are unable to compromise.

  48. Your date is indecisive to be your girlfriend/boyfriend at some point. That person might be having cold feet. Plus, they might not be ready for a long-term commitment just yet. Run for the hills!

  49. Your date does not respect your religious beliefs. They expect you to convert to their religion. You are having second thoughts. No one should pressure you into changing religions.

  50. Does your date gives off negative vibes? If so, it is not a good feeling. Run for the hills.

  51. Your date and you just came back from the beach. There is a lot of stuff in the car. So your date decides to leave you hanging with all the stuff to bring into your place by your self. Wow! How considerate are they. They have showed that they don’t care about you. There off and heading to their place and or another date.
  52. Your date is always making excuses. Nothing seems to be right. They can’t live in the moment. Run for the hills.

  53. Your date lies to you about various subject matters. You caught them red handed. Can you still trust them? Probably not. Head for the hills!

  54. Your date is asking for money and or a prepaid gift card within a short time of knowing you. All this individual wants is your money and not to give/receive your love. Run for the hills!
  55. Your date is always on your back about a certain issue. They can’t stop nagging you. You are starting to feel uncomfortable. Do they realize what they are doing? Probably not, head for the hills or the beach.

Some of the dating red flag you may ignore and others flags are a signs of what is to come. Dating reveals everyone deck of cards. It’s not game. It’s real life! Make your own dating red flag list. See how many you can compile with that person. Good luck in your dating adventures and hopefully this article will help you see the many red flags like I did.

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