Off Topic – Online Love Interest Scam Experience

By Mike Jones

Recently, I thought I found a potential soul mate online on one of the large dating websites. I am writing this article from my experience. Your love interest will promise the world to you. It feels good to be loved again. Watch and see these red flags come up.

Here are the red flags, which I have seen in random order:

• Love interest lives in a foreign country but has a local phone number
• Professes his or her love too you very fast within a short amount of time.
• They don’t really get to know you as a person
• Their text messages always profess their love to you.
• They give limited information about their life and will not share a lot about themselves.
• You ask questions via text/messager, but don’t get a response on all subject matters.
• They force you from the online dating messager to your personal text messager.
• Your love interest always over compliments you and make you feel very good.
• They make small talk online by asking how’s your day was, how are you feeling, etc.
• They are looking to get their green card for the United States. They’ll say anything to you.
• Watch how they turn a situation on you that you did something wrong. When you haven’t.
• They claim to have the same interests as you, but you can’t confirm it.
• Scammer shows high-end photography quality of them selves and usually never photograph out in public having fun.
• They will ask you to take down and or delete your online dating profile within a short amount of time.
• They do not want you to tell your family or friends about your new love interest. They want to keep it a secret.
• You want to meet their family and they sweep it underneath the rug.
• They want to marry you very soon.
• They want to have a family with you.
• They pressure you into buying a money wire and or gift cards.
• They will set a date to meet with you and don’t follow through on it.

This situation usually happens within about 1-3 weeks of meeting each other online. Everything will start off going great and then progress to the scam stage at some point. At the end, they will say they want you back so they can continue the scam another victim who will give them what they want. Don’t fall for it. You are in the driver’s seat. Please make the right decision.

When your love interests starts asking about for any type of money and or gift cards then it time to walk away from them. The will only pressure you until you give in. These people are professional scammers and know what they are doing.

For more information on this type of scam please visit FTC at this link

Finally, please do not fall victim to this type of scam. Never give money to people and or businesses you don’t know. If you become a victim then please contact your local police department for assistance into this matter.

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Source of information: First hand experience

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