Product Review – Bulova Pendelton Eyewear Glasses

By Nathan Werthiemer
Independent Product Reviewer

Recently, I purchased some Bulova Pendelton Eye Wear Glasses at my local Costco in Central Florida. It was a tough decision to pick from. Other brands that I looked at were Shaq, Puma, Nike, and much more. Costco tends to be the cheapest in town for prescription eyewear. This is not my first time purchasing prescription eyewear from Costoco. This is the first and only place I buy my eyewear from.

What is the Bulova brand? Some of the other products with this brand name on it are watches, clocks, jewelry, and much more. Bulova is a brand made by Citizen Watch Company. Back in 2016, Bulova renews licensing agreement with Eyewear by ROI. Today, this company still makes Bulova eyewear in many styles. For more information on this company please visit

At Costco, I settled on the Bulova because of the style, brand name, and price. The Optical Manager at Costco told me this was one of the popular frames customers were being purchased. The model number is 53/17/140 Gunmetal male/female. These frame maybe in other sizes too. This eyewear is made of gunmetal in the front and the sides are plastic with black with a small red strip. These frames cost just $59.99 no tax.

After my purchase, I conducted a search on theses Bulova Pendleton model and here is what I came up with. had these frames for just $45. Also, I found some used Bulova frames on from $44.99 – $59.49. It is not easy to locate this eyewear model around on the Internet. It is assumed that the Pendleton model is being phased out or discontinued.

Before purchasing any new prescription eyewear please schedule an appointment to see your Optometrist and or Ophthalmologist in your area. Once you have a new eyewear prescription in hand then shop away.

Please note that not all clip-over sunglasses will fit on all size prescription eyewear. Some customers have purchased a second pair for sunglasses. Most clip over sunglasses are around $20 each.

The total cost for my prescription eyewear was $229.97. No sales tax on prescription eyewear. Costco sends out the prescription to be made. The turn around time is about 1-2 weeks depending on order load. Once the customers’ new eyewear arrives at Costco they will then text you. Next, I went to the store to have these new glasses picked up adjusted. No issues to reports.

Finally, I love the all around looks of this eyewear. They are much lighter than my other frame. I’m happy with my purchase. For more information please visit

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Source of information: First hand experience

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