Off Topic – Ned is Looking for Real Love in Central Florida

By Nathan Wertheimer

You may have seen my new cartoon called “Ned’s Life Unfiltered” either on and on social media as well. That guy is me Cartoonist/Multimedia Journalist Nathan Wertheimer. Yes, I play many rolls in the cartoon series and in real life as well. So now I have decided to try my hand a playing the real life bachelor in Central Florida. I’m here to pick the best single female available for me looking for a long-term relationship in Central Florida.

Now I’m looking for real love in my personal life. A little bit about me I’m a 44 year old white male (I look younger than my age), works two jobs, divorced without any kids, 5’9 height, fit in size, is bald on the top with no hair. Just like my cartoon character. I was raised Jewish, but is a non-practicing Jew. However, I am open to Christianity too. I went to college and have two college degrees. I own a nice spacious place in the Metro Orlando area. Plus, own and drive a modern vehicle. My personality is introvert/extrovert. During my downtime, I enjoy traveling, cooking, sports, fishing, photography, visual fine arts, likes romantic dinners along with a great movie at home, exercise throughout the week, and much more.

During the weekdays I work in the Security field full time. I’m sure you’d love to hear all about my ins-and-outs of his typical day; but I will spare you all the major incidents with details for now until you meet up with me.

On the weekends, I have a fun job as a Cartoonist/Multimedia Journalist. I cover many topics from independent product reviews to fun events in Central Florida and everything else in between. My work entails writing articles, photographing still/video, graphics, cartooning, managing website and social media content.

If you are the lucky lady chosen by me then you may have chance to be an influence on my cartoon character. Plus, maybe even added as new character to my new cartoon series as well. How exciting would that be? Just think about it. My new cartoon is still evolving. I need a female co-star with me. Don’t worry, our private life will not be made public for all to read and see.

Here is what I’m looking for in a single female. She must be between the ages of 30 – 45 years of age. She must be single and or divorced at the time of submitting information about yourself. Has a college degree of any kind. I’m not looking for players, cheaters, or anyone thinking about adultery/affairs. However, you are looking for a serious relationship with a really nice guy. In the future, you and I want to start a family together. Plus, she is independent and has her own career. Being open minded and a friendly person. Are you the classy lady that I’m looking for? You’ll have to wait to find out.

If you interesting in possibly dating me, please email me an email at . Please put in the subject line Off Topic – Ned is Looking for Real Love in Central Florida. Please briefly tell us about yourself and attach a photo of yourself too. All emails will be reviewed. I have not set a deadline. You maybe contacted if you match me. Thanks and good Luck.

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