Off Topic – Review of Our Secret Flirts Dating Website

By Robert Voss

Note: This is an adult article and is not intended for children. Anyone 18 years and older are welcome to read this article.

Recently, I signed up for the free user account on I was curious about this website and wanted to conduct some research for entertainment purposes only. Joining this website I kept an open mind.

What is Our Secret Flirts Dating Website? A company called Meteor Interactive B.C. out of Netherlands which runs and operates this website. They claim that there website […is an online entertainment and social networking website where like-minded people chat, flirt, and fulfill their wildest fantasies. Our platform is accessible via desktop, tablet, smartphone and is 100% discreet.] Information found on . This dating website is for adults who want a sexual relationship either by friends with benefits (FWB), casual affairs, MILF, and much more. The target audience on this website is from approximately 30-60 years of age.

I logged onto this website and completed the online registration form. I did not post a profile photo on this site.  The information I posted about me was [I am a professional in my field looking for a relationship and who is looking for the same. In my spare time I like to create artwork, photography, keep in shape, fishing, concerts, festivals, and much more. I only want a one-on-one relationship.]

Then emails started sending me emails into my in-box. Most of the emails were of sexual nature. These ladies are very blunt on what they wanted. Sometimes it can be too graphic to tell you in this article. It is believed some of these emails are scripted. Plus, they claim they live in the same city where you live, which is not the case. Plus, it might be a bot generated email reply. I never replied back to any of the email messages that I received.

What users will find that you may get multiply emails by the same lady. They are encouraging you to sign-up and email them back. I have not gotten a single email with any lady’s phone number and or email address to make contact with them. Some of the ladies claim they are serious and really want to meet you.

Users may get a ”Sex Proposal” in their email inbox. What this entails is basically a red flag they are ready to meet one-on-one. Just hit the accept button and wait for their reply. I have not seen what happens next on a “Sex Proposal.”

Some of the ladies will wine that they hate spending money on credits to chat with you. They want you to buy some credits and send them your contact information. This dating website is not cheap when buying credits to communicate with the ladies. Credits range from 10 credits for $14.99 through 200 credits for $199.99 and will be charged on your VISA credit card.

Most of all the profile photos are mainly tight images of ladies faces. However, there are a few that show a nice background. I could not come across any backgrounds with Central Florida scenes in them. If you pay attention to the background one will notice the European furniture, wall electrical outlets and switches, and much more. Which was quite interesting. These ladies look like they are from Eastern European countries.

Also, I conducted a reverse search a few lady photo profiles and found nothing came up in any social media or other professional websites. It is unknown how they got these photos in the first place.

Finally, I never fully communicated and or met in person from this website. There are other reviews out on the internet that has had similar issues and situations. What I found out is that this website is similar to other dating websites. Always do your homework before signing up on any dating website. Good luck.

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