Product Review – Everbilt Dryer Lint Removal Kit

By Nathan Wertheimer

Independent Reviewer

A while ago, I had a problem with lent falling out of the dyer duct. This is one problem that have all homeowners and residences have in their home. To prevent a fire in your home, consumers must clean out their dryer duct and dryer lint trap annually. Help keep your dryer running clean, safe, and efficient as the manufacturer suggests.

I was had a build up of lint in my dryer duct. As a result one could see small lint balls fall out of the dryer duct. This is when I decided to clean the dryer duct myself or you can pay a professional to clean it out for you. I opted for the Do-It-Youreslf project.

To solve my problem, I visited my local Home Depot in Central Florida. There were two different dryer lint removal kits on the shelf. There was a more expensive product on the market named Gardus LintEater Rotary Dryer Vent Cleaning System for $32.33. It looked good but I needed a cheaper lint tool.

So I decided to purchase the Everbilt Dryer Lint Removal Kit – 3-piece kit The UPC code is 0-60672-31007-4 / SKU 592-276 / Model #BPCKHD / Internet # 203626491 and retails for $14.98. It had everything I needed. Problem solved. I could not wait to get it home to start to use this product. It is easy to use. Just take it out of the box and unwind the dryer duct wire brush. Read the product directions before use. Directions are both in English and Spanish.

Because the lint dryer duct was on the outside wall over my head, I had to get a stepladder to access the dryer duct. Once finished, remove and dump the lent from the vacuum cleaner into a trashcan.

What is Everbilt brand? This is an exclusive brand made and sold by Home Depot Product Authority, LLC. They made other products with this brand on it such as machinery products, electric, garage, doors, openers, and much more. Consumers can trust this third party product to the other national brands.

On the, consumers rate this product 3.25 star. Always check the star rating before determining to buy a product. This product is considered a good product. The product has a one-year warranty from date of purchase. Expect this product to be used and taken care of for many year to come or until product needs to be replace.

Some consumers may encounter the plastic vacuum attachment may crack due to too much pressure on the end connection with your home vacuum cleaner and or shopvac. If this happens please use some electrical tape and or duct tape and repair damaged area. The attachment can still be used if repaired correctly.

Finally, I recommend this product to all consumers. Once the lent was cleaned out this situation was resolved. I clean my dryer duct regularly to prevent having built of lent. For more information on this product please visit

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